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Australian Survivor: AFL star Shaun Hampson on why he isn’t a Champion

“It made me feel uncomfortable”
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Shaun Hampson has an impressive AFL career spanning over 12 years with Carlton and Richmond Football Clubs.

But in spite of his sporting achievements, on Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders he’ll be competing as a Contender.

Shaun tells TV WEEK the thought of being a ‘Champion’ – alongside the likes of Brownlow Medallist Simon Black – made him feel “uncomfortable”.

Shaun Hampson has been a fan of the show since the age of 12.

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“The thought made me slightly uncomfortable,” he reveals. “While I had a lot of time in the system, I only played 98 games. I didn’t even reach 100. And I was injured for a lot of it and missed out on my team’s premiership win in 2017.”

Shaun says he feels “much more at home” as part of the Contenders tribe.

“I think it’s good to see that while I didn’t have a horrible career, not everybody who plays AFL comes away with medals clanking around their neck.”

Looking back on his AFL career, Shaun is grateful for the friends he made.

“All my best friends are from footy,” he reveals.

Shaun is engaged to model Megan Gale.

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As an avid Survivor fan – he’s watched the show since he was 12 years old – Shaun is going in with a game plan.

“If you go on Survivor not wanting to lie, you’re playing the wrong game,” he says. “It’s a game about lying and deceit, essentially. My game plan is to not stand out too much – don’t be the one in charge, don’t be to one who is too likeable or too unlikeable.”

He says fiancée Megan Gale was supportive of him going on the show.

“I wouldn’t have gone if she wasn’t [supportive],” he says. “She’s a fan too!”

Australian Survivor, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 7.30pm, 10

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