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60 seconds with Megan Gale

One of the most recognisable faces in Australia and the world — and our beautiful cover girl for our [March issue](http://www.aww.ninemsn.com.au/inthemag), Megan Gale gives us a 60 second insight into her busy life!

How does it feel to have graced the catwalk for the very last time?
A: It obviously was a case of mixed emotions. A little sad but happy that I could have the opportunity to make that choice for myself.
What has been your most memorable career moment to date?
A: Oh there have been so many over the 15 years that Ive been doing this! Going away and doing the shoots for David Jones around the world has obviously been fun.
Did you prefer modelling in Italy or Australia, and were there any interesting differences between the two?
A: I’ve enjoyed both! Being on the catwalk during fashion week in Milan was a highlight , but obviously it’s great and personally satisfying to do well in this industry back home!
What are the three main things that make Megan Gale tick?
A: A desire to be successful in what ever I do personally and professionally, a desire to be the best person I can be for myself and for others and the desire to lead as happy an existence as possible.
Your essential beauty advice would be…
A: Always wash your face and moisturise before sleeping, no mater how tired you are and drink lots of water.
You’re obviously one of Australia’s favourite sweethearts and our audience loves you, but do you feel there are any misconceptions about you in the public eye?
A: There are a few and I guess are always going to be there. I suppose when people don’t know you personally they can form their own opinion of you which they’re entitled to. I think a part of you gets formed by the press and fed to the public and that’s how the misconceptions are created. I just try to learn to not let it upset me.
What advice would you give to budding young models?
A: Make sure you don’t take it all too seriously and have a back up plan as it’s a fickle industry. But also to believe in yourself and your ability even if others doubt it. That belief can get you a long way, trust me.
How do you manage the long-distance relationship with Andy given both of your busy work schedules…are there any pieces of wisdom you can share with our audience on making this work?
A: I think it’s about trusting that person and making time for them. We are fortunate that both of us work a lot in Melbourne and Sydney , so thanks to our jobs we get to see each other a fair bit.
What are your favourite Aussie labels at the moment?
A: Sass and Bide, Collette Dinnigan, Alex Perry, Lisa Ho , Kirrily Johnston and Willow, just to name a few. Ginger and Smart and Zimmermann are great too!
If you weren’t a model, actress or successful business woman, you would… ?
A: be a chef as I adore cooking or do something where I could be around animals.
You never leave home without
A: my wallet.
What’s your motto in life?
A: Take one day at a time as that’s all that you can deal with in the moment.
Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday morning (if you ever have them!)?
A: Have a sleep in then a big breakfast.
What are you reading at the moment?
A: Nothing.. I have no time!
What do you wish you had more time to do?
A: Dedicate more time to learning how to surf and see my family.
Is moving into the acting world a natural progression for you? Is it something you’ve always wanted to pursue?
A: It is something that has always intrigued me and I always said I would pursue it, given the right opportunity.
Aside from playing Wonder Woman, do you have any other acting projects coming up?
A: No but I’d play a bond girl in a heartbeat!
What favourite food will you be indulging in a little more now there’s not so much pressure on your physique?
A: I won’t be changing my diet. I think looking good on the outside is directly related to feeling good on the inside so I eat very healthy foods and lots of them.
Finally, what is your most memorable or loved cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly? www.aww.ninemsn.com.au
A: mmmmmm hard one, they’re all so different! I love them all because we have the best team when we shoot so the best result is always achieved!

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