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Sharon Johal reveals surprise career move

''They can see the value I bought to the show, and the ratings, and people were interested in our journey.''
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Controversial The Block:Tree Change wanna-be renovator Sharon Johal is set to star on other programs across the Nine Network, despite the ”villain edit” she received on the show.

The news does come as a surprise to fans given Sharon, alongside husband Ankur, blasted the network for how they were portrayed on the show.

Despite this, she has admitted to being ”in talks” with the network as she looks to further her career in the spotlight.

”They can see the value I bought to the show, and the ratings, and people were interested in our journey,” Sharon told The Herald Sun.

”I wouldn’t be surprised if something with Channel Nine comes out of this.”

Sharon may return to Australian screens sooner than we think….

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Now to Love believes it would be unlikely Sharon would sign up for another reality program after telling Yahoo Lifestyle that she, and her husband would ”absolutely not” sign on for another reality show.

”I’m a hard no,” Ankur said whilst wife Sharon said she would be a tentative yes if she had more control over the editing process.

”Ankur wouldn’t be on another reality show but in the lifestyle space there are so many brands that have reached out to me because I’m in line with them in authenticity, and we took some risks and that reliability is something that will continue on with this,” she explained to the publication.

This makes us think that Sharon is eyeing of a presenter gig on the network, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if she picked up her ”acting boots” once more.

WATCH NOW: Sharon and Ankurs house gets passed in on The Block. Article continues after video.

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Fans of the hit (and newly revived) soap drama Neighbours would have recognised Sharon from her four year stint on Neighbours where she played the fictional character Dipi Rebecchi from 2017 to 2021.

A proud mother and wife, Dipi was characterised as very extroverted and a gossip.

On March 2 2021, Sharon announced her departure from the show, confirming that she had decided to leave in 2020: ”When I made this decision it was pre pandemic and I had to revisit my decision again. Then I decided to not make a decision based on fear, just to put myself out there and take a big risk for a potentially big reward.”

The actress cited ”long working hours” and ”exhaustion” for her departure.

We will just have to wait and see which direction Sharon takes as she explores opportunities with both Nine and possibly Ten.

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