Sharon Johal has announced she is leaving Neighbours, and honestly we’re in denial

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Neighbours star Sharon Johal has announced she will be saying good-bye to Ramsay Street, and it’s safe to say we’re gutted.

The actress took to her Instagram to share the sad news to which we could be heard screaming ‘NOOOO!’ at from at least five blocks away.

“Goodbye,” Sharon began her sombre post.

“It is with sadness I’ve announced today that I will be leaving @neighbours.”

“Some of you may have seen this coming but to be honest I put the motions into play over a year ago. A number of reasons brought me to here, however inevitably my ambition for growth has ultimately been the decider.”

Sharon joined the show four years ago as Dipi Rebecchi and has become a role model for your women particularly of Indian heritage as well as an advocate for bringing diversity to our screens, ever since.

Giving up her career in law to pursue acting wasn’t an easy path.

Even after landing the dream gig, Sharon reveals the journey wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Sharon joined the show four years ago.


“As one of the fastest running shows in the world, it is ALL-encompassing,” she explained to many fans asking why she chose to leave.

“Life is literally “on-hold” never knowing what your day looks like, long-term exhaustion from being up at 4am most days for years, depletion from exercising extreme vulnerability in and out of emotional states rapidly (where it’s not always processed appropriately), dealing with highly challenging people intimately long-term without reprieve, public scrutiny being trolled/bullied relentlessly online/offline etc.”

“Rain, hail, shine or pandemic, THIS show goes on and combined with your “real life” family, health and emotional stuff, it’s a lot.”

Co-star Bonnie Anderson (far left) also announced her departure recently.


It may not be goodbye all-together with the actress revealing she’s already been “shadow-directing” on the show and is looking forward “to telling stories from my unique perspective, gaze and experience.”

Exactly how or when Sharon’s character Dipi will depart the show is yet to be confirmed, but until further notice we’ll be stocking up on tissues in preparation.

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