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Scott Cam slams Luke and Josh over their explosive outburst on The Block: ‘They’ve been pat on the back all their lives’

''They’re not young kids, they are men.''
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Scott Cam has taken aim at twins Luke and Josh Packham over their expletive-filled rant after receiving an abysmal score on Sunday night’s explosives episode of The Block.

The five teams presented four rooms each, but the boys struggled with the mammoth task and failed to clean up their site before the judges went inside.

Their unfinished living room earned them one of the lowest scores in the history of the show which caused a fiery reaction from the twins: “It’s completely disrespectful and they can go and get fu–ed.”

But that’s not where the outburst ended. Later in the episode while talking to producers, Josh took aim at judge Neale Whittaker.

Josh said to producers that judge Neale Whittaker can “shut up” following a dismal score.

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“If Neale wants to try to complete four areas in a week I can give him the brush and see how he goes. He can come and paint, I’d love to watch and paint so until that day he can shut up.”

Scott fired back at the twins on Monday morning while appearing on Fitzy and Wippa’s radio show, saying he’s seen hundreds of past contestants manage to complete four rooms in a week.

“I’ve seen people paint five or six spaces. I think the boys lack time management skills, they lack the tenacity to really knuckle down and you could see that last night,” he said.

“Everybody else finished so you can’t blame anybody else but yourself when everybody else finishes. If we gave a task that was too hard and no one finished then I put my hand up and cop a blow but when other people finish well it’s not my fault.”

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Scott said he was sick of making excuses for Josh and Luke due to their relatively young age.

“They’re 27 years old! They’re not young kids, they are men… so I don’t know what you do,” he said.

“They’re pretty keen on themselves aren’t they? Been pat on the back all their lives and they forget about putting in the hard yards maybe.”

Scott fired back at the twins and said he’s seen hundreds of past contestants manage to complete four rooms in a week.

(Image: Nine)

Elsewhere in the interview, Scott confirmed that next year’s season will be filmed in regional Australia – most likely in Victoria.

“I might get in trouble for saying this but we are going regional. Bit of a tree change which will be something different,” he revealed.

“I’m really excited about it but I can’t give you much more information than that but we are definitely getting out of the city next year.”

Earlier this month, The Block‘s executive producer called on Aussies to apply for the 2022 season, revealing that a knack for renovating surprisingly isn’t necessary to be a successful applicant.

The twins’ unfinished living room earned them one of the lowest scores in the history of the show.

(Image: Nine)

“We’ve had people who say they can’t build. You don’t necessarily need to know how to swing a hammer to do The Block. But it helps,” he told TV Tonight.

Julian’s remarks are testament to the fact that over 17 seasons, even the couples with the least renovation experience have walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Julian said couples who have a strong relationship and are willing to work hard will likely thrive on the high-pressure show.

“Most people in Australia, at some point in their life, renovate their home. Now most people in Australia aren’t builders, but they’re willing to give it a shot. They’re willing to pick up the phone, get a tradie in, pick the tiles themselves, choose the vanity, run the numbers, make sure it comes in on budget,” Julian said.

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