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Do we already know who wins SAS Australia 2022? Ex-recruits say it’s decided ahead of time

All the evidence paints a pretty compelling picture.
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SAS Australia has us glued to our TV screens once again as the celebrity recruits battle it through the show’s brutal selection course.

But while the celebrity recruits are getting battered and bruised in the SAS course, it sounds like fans already know who will make it to the end of the show when the finale airs tonight.

That’s right, the identities of the stars who will pass the final selection process have been leaked… sort of.

Betting odds have been released to Sportsbet and are supposedly based on inside information about which celebrities make it through. So who is most likely to make it through selection tonight?

Who will make it through the brutal selection process?

(Image: Channel Seven)

According to Sportsbet, motorsports presenter Riana Crehan is most likely to make it through selection with betting odds of $1.10.

But she’ll have to watch her back, because rugby league and union footballer Millie Boyle and retired NRL star Daris Boyd are following close behind with odds of $1.15 and $1.35 respectively.

Meanwhile, the last remaining recruit and former Bachelor and Survivor star Locky Gilbert is sitting at surprising odds of $7 despite making it through plenty of challenges.

Despite showing an impressive physicality on the course, Locky’s arrogant attitude and questionable comments has led fans to believe the DS will fail him even if he makes it to the end of the selection process.

So how accurate are the Sportsbet odds? They’ve predicted plenty of reality TV winners before, from Hayley Leake’s Survivor victory to Darvid Garayeli’s win on The Bachelorette last year.

That said, Sportsbet previously had Anna Heinrich, Wayne Cary and Barry Hall in high positiions on the leaderboard only for them to voluntarily withdraw from the course, so it’s not a perfect science.

But it does help that the celebs who make it through the course on SAS Australia are allegedly – and that’s a big allegedly – chosen ahead of time.

An anonymous recruit from last season told the Daily Mail that there were plenty of moments from the show that were scripted or pre-determined, including who makes it to the end.

WATCH: Locky Gilbert on SAS Australia. Story continues after video.

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“We knew from day one, when we lined up for the promotional photos, who’d be there at the end,” the revealed of 2021 champion Sam Burgess.

“This guy is front, row and centre in every group photo and was portrayed in glowing terms throughout the entire season.”

They went on to say that the show’s winner got a much more flattering edit in the episodes that went to air, including a compelling “redemption” arc.

Last year Sam was the sole celebrity to pass the selection process and said: “It was great to achieve the goal. It was a once in a lifetime experience.”

As for who will make it through the brutal selection proccess this year, we’ll just have to keep watching to find out.

We’ll just have to keep watching to find out who makes it to the end.

(Image: Channel Seven)

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