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SAS Australia: Which celebrities have bombed out

Celebs who don't make it to the end will either quit, medically withdraw or be kicked off the course by the no-nonsense directing staff.
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The highly-anticipated second season of SAS Australia is in its final days, leaving just five celebrity recruits left.

While 18 stars started the show, one by one they have chosen to voluntarily withdraw under exhaustion and injury.

Take a look at the celebrities who have quit so far.

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Heath Shaw

The former AFL star crumbled after the gruelling log carrying challenge and admitted to DS Ant Middleton that he couldn’t go on.

“I can’t honestly, that’s it…I’ve just got nothing, I’m empty… I’ve given it my all,” he said while tearing up.

“If I could sum up my time in this course, I would say that it was the hardest and most uniquely positive experience that I’ve had.”

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Jessica Peris

Also deciding to leave on Monday night’s episode was Jessica, the daughter of Olympic runner Nova Peris.

“I never thought that I was going to VW but I know that I made the right decisions, I have no regrets, I have no disappointments, I know that I gave absolutely everything I could,” she said.

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Jett Kenny

The Ironman decided to voluntarily withdraw immediately after Monday night’s first challenge, citing food rations for one of the driving forces behind him quitting.

“Not that I want to do it but I’m running on complete empty, mentally I’m not there anymore and physically I’m in all sorts right now,” he said.

“I’m not getting enough food into me. It’s just caught up to me.”

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Koby Abberton

Plagued by an ongoing lower back injury that he sustained during his career as a surfer, Bra Boy Koby Abberton voluntarily withdrew from the course just over the halfway point.

Just hours before quitting, Koby told his fellow recruits that if their next challenge would in any way make his pain worse, he would have no qualms with leaving.

“Around 2012 to 2016 I was addicted to pain medication for breaking my back,” he said.

“I was taking pills and was all over the place. I don’t want to be like that (again). I’m not being anything but a realist.

“The only way I will stop this course is if my body gives in and that’s my lower back.”

After arriving at their next challenge and learning he’d be required to carry a 70kg load 10km, Koby withdrew himself from the course.

“Nah I’m not gonna hurt myself. Staff I’m done. I’ve got a bad back and I can’t risk it ,” he told DS Ollie Ollerton.

The 44-year-old shook hands with chief instructor Ant Middleton, who said he was proud of the Bra Boy’s efforts.

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Isabelle Cornish

Isabelle became the ninth recruit to leave the SAS Australia course after excruciating pain in her left leg became too much for the actress to bear.

“It’s so annoying because I feel 100% capable of keeping going but my leg’s f—ked,” she told the show’s doctor.

Isabelle went back to the accommodation and discussed the possibility of voluntarily withdrawing with her fellow recruits, before eventually making up her mind.

Isabelle told DS Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham that she wished to VW, but the ex-SAS soldier tried a last ditch effort to convince the 26-year-old to stay.

“Your leg’s sore, so what? You’ve done phenomenal but you haven’t reached your potential. Think about it,” he told Isabelle, but she insisted on leaving.

“It’s been a pleasure,” the Puberty Blues actress said as she walked away.

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Kerri Pottharst

At 55, Olympian Kerri Pottharst was the eldest recruit on SAS Australia, but continued to push forward and keep up with her younger fellow celebrities.

Suffering an ongoing knee injury, she battled on, pulling off the ice-swim challenge flawlessly before finally deciding the strain was too much and voluntarily withdrawing.

“I can’t do this. My knee has given out,” she told directing staff Ollie Ollerton.

“I’m done. As much as I want to be here. My body said no.”

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Bonnie Anderson

Unlike the other recruits who voluntarily withdrew in the midst of brutal challenges, singer Bonnie Anderson made the quiet decision to leave while chatting with her fellow celebrities in their accommodation.

“It’s just a lot. It’s kind of a bit traumatic for me,” she told Bra Boy Koby Abberton while toying with the idea to walk away from the show.

“I’ve never felt anxious, but holy s–t. I don’t feel good. I’m always stressed and I’m just feeling really s–t.”

After being consoled by Jana Pittman, Bonnie eventually told DS Ant Middleton that she wanted to voluntarily withdraw.

“I’m gutted that you’re going,” Ant told Bonnie, before the pair shared a sweet hug.

“Now you can go and inspire others, and inspire yourself to be a better version of who you are – which I know you have been on this course.”

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Alicia Molik

Just moments after Pete was medically withdrawn from the course, tennis star Alicia Molik also quit the show.

Alicia went head to head with dual Olympian Jana Pittman, but the 40-year-old struggled to keep up with her opponent’s brute strength and continually fell to her knees.

Alica retreated from the onslaught of Jana’s punches, before eventually giving up and handing her number to DS Ant Middleton.

“I just got scared. I thought I’d be a good fighter,” a defeated and visibly distraught Alicia said as she walked away from the course.

After getting checked out by the medical staff, Ant and Alicia shared a tender goodbye – in very different scenes to her encounter with him during their first challenge, where she was verbally sprayed for “showboating”.

“Don’t worry about it, you’ve done amazing,” Ant told the mother-of-two while embracing in a hug.

“We’ve enjoyed having you on the course. Go away with your head held high.”

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Pete Murray

Singer Pete Murray was the fifth recruit to leave the course, but the first to depart under a medical withdrawal.

The celebrities were forced to pick an opponent to take on in a brutal boxing bout, which saw Pete go toe to toe with tennis legend Mark Philippoussis .

During their savage stoush, the Better Days hit maker fell hard to the ground and dislocated his elbow in graphic scenes, making the other recruits grimace at the sight of his dislodged arm.

The medic was rushed in to tend to Pete, telling him he needed to go to hospital immediately, effectively ending his time on the show.

Image: Seven

Former Labor Party member Emma Husar made the heartbreaking decision to voluntarily withdraw due to an agonising leg injury.

After being told of the details of their obstacle course, Emma chose to leave, saying she didn’t want to let the team down.

Straining under the pain of an ongoing calf injury, the mother-of-three had already started falling behind during the recruits’ sprint to their fitness test.

After being asked by Ant if anyone wanted to quit, Emma put her hand up.

“I promised my team that if I wasn’t able to keep up or my injury would hold me back that I would go home and I’m going to keep my word,” she said.

Ant praised the former politician for “being honest with herself”.

Emma broke down in tears as she walked away from the course, leaving 14 recruits left.

“If it was just about me I would have crawled through (the challenge) but there are 15 others to think about,” she told DS Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham.

Image: Seven

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel quit suddenly during the third episode after learning the recruits’ next challenge would involve being trapped in a car while submerged in freezing cold water.

DS Ant Middleton had barely finished explaining the tasks to the celebrities when the My Kitchen Rules chef abruptly stood up and handed his number in, signalling he was voluntarily withdrawing from the course.

“You haven’t even tried it number six,” Ant told Manu, but it was too late to change his mind.

“I came on this course to prove something to myself, and I just realised I don’t need to prove anything,” Manu told the camera after voluntarily withdrawing from the competition.

“I’ve got a fking good life. I’ve got a fking good life, and I want it back.”

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Former Miss World Australia Erin Holland was the second celebrity to voluntarily withdraw during a torturous combat drill.

After the cricket presenter was caught by DS Ant Middleton not correctly completing a section of the drill, she was forced to carry actor Dan Ewing on her back as punishment.

But Erin struggled to lift the Home and Away star and carry him through the course, prompting Ant to discipline the other recruits by extending the exercise until the model finished.

Overcome by guilt and physical exhaustion, Erin made the tough decision to quit the show.

“I can’t do it to them,” she told Ant while ripping off her arm band number and effectively voluntarily withdrawing.

Erin said she often beats herself up if she doesn’t “perform well” in her everyday life.

“Getting past feeling like a failure is going to be really big for me,” she said.

“This selection course to me is going to teach me how to fail and somehow find a way forward.”

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Brynne Edelsten voluntarily withdrew herself from the course on day one after a brutal “beasting” where the celebs were required to plank while carrying their 20kg bags on their backs.

“I’ve lived a very high life but there’s also times where I’ve struggled so I’m mentally strong but I don’t have physical strength,” she said after quitting the show.

“Even though I’m disappointed I’m leaving I know I need to because my body is not strong enough to be doing these things but I have no regrets about this. If anything it encourages me to work to see what I can do in the future.”

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