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The Block 2022 stars, Rachel and Ryan are getting their own show!

They didn't win big but now they are breakout stars.
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Rachel and Ryan Carr joke to Woman’s Day that “everyone’s going to forget our season” of The Block, thanks to the drama dominating this year’s series.

But the 2022 Blockheads hint that they’re about to be back on our screens themselves very soon with their own show!

“We have a couple of exciting things about to happen that we’ve been working on for a little bit,” teases Rachel, 37, as she settles onto the family’s couch alongside her husband to chat.

“The show 100 per cent makes you stronger,” says Rachel of her and Ryan.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

“We’d love to do our own show, so watch this space.” While the mum-of-three says the couple – who live in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire with a stunning view of the Georges River from their light-filled dining room – have “been so lucky in everything that’s come from it for us”, they say they’d never do The Block again.

“We can’t walk away from the kids for that long,” says Rachel, who admits leaving their three children, Everleigh, six, Mila, four, and Tommy, two, was traumatic.

“It’s not about the experience, it’s about what happens when you come home. And trying to repair what happens when you leave your kids for that amount of time. It’s not worth it.”

That was especially true after the couple were left disappointed on auction day.

‘We had to repair our relationship with the kids’

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Rachel and Ryan tell Woman’s Day they went into the experience hoping for a profit of at least $300,000.

“You don’t buy a lottery ticket for a $20 win,” Ryan jokes. “You see these incredible auctions, and you see Mitch and Mark winning $700,000…”

While they may not have walked away with the windfall they were expecting, they did make some lifelong friends.

“You have this relationship that no one else can understand,” says Rachel, who admits Block winners Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik “just stopped talking to everyone and then said we stopped talking to them”.

“Our house right now is like Med coastal,” she says of the couple’s style.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

But they’ve managed to smooth things over now. “We’ve all come together for different things and it’s been fine,” she shares.

Rachel remains closest to Sarah-Jane Calleja, with whom she created and co-hosts the popular podcast I Just Can’t.

And while she’s staying mum on their top-secret television project, she’s happy to give us a few hints.

“We’re not flying away from the kids this time,” says the former makeup artist, who shares the couple bought a fixer-upper in the southern NSW town of Berry with their $169,000 profit from The Block.

“It’s a beautiful spot,” says Rachel, who adds with a knowing grin, “We love renos…”

“The low points were being away from the kids and not winning as much money as we wanted,” says Rachel.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Back to The Block!

The Block viewers will also see Rachel and Ryan pop up in an episode next month when they spend time with Blockheads Steph and Gian.

“We went out for dinner and I said, ‘Give me the tea, give me the goss.’ Well, I got the tea and the goss!” Rachel laughs.

The couple are convinced this year’s contestants will fare better on auction day than they did. “The game’s changed,” says Rachel.

“The first thing you’re doing now is calling your buyer. I think it’s going to be a big sword fight between [The Block serial buyer] Danny Wallis and [Melbourne billionaire who bought Sharon and Ankur’s house in 2022] Adrian Portelli.”

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