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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Rachel and Ryan, The Block couple called in to replace Elle and Joel

''We just sort of dropped everything.''
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When contestants Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull pulled out of The Block unexpectedly, it caused chaos.

Builders were put on standby, the production schedule was rewritten and scores of crew members wondered if they were now out of work.

But for one couple who thought they’d missed their chance, it was the opportunity they’d wished for.

“We knew production had started, so we thought, ‘Well, that’s us out – we might as well get on with life,” Rachel, 36, one half of a Sydney couple who were about to get an important call, tells TV WEEK.

Meet the new Block couple, Rachel and Ryan.

(Image: Nine)

“We were out with friends when the phone rang. At first we thought, ‘Nah, they’re just letting us know we didn’t make it – just ignore the call,'” husband Ryan, also 36, adds.

“But eventually we answered… and it wasn’t what we were expecting!”

The Block producers wanted to know how quickly the Sydney mum and dad could get themselves to Melbourne.

“That led to some frantic phone calls to our parents to see if they could mind our three kids,” Rachel says.

The will be replacing Joel and Elle on the show.

(Image: Nine)

“And once that was sorted, we just sort of dropped everything.”

Two days later, the pair – who run a renovation business from their beachside home – were on site with The Block host Scott Cam and already building. Rachel says they’re going to make the most of their second chance.

“We’ve come on The Block because it’s an amazing opportunity for our family, our business and because we love a challenge,” she shares.

“Nobody buys a scratchie for the pictures. We’re here to win!”

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