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EXCLUSIVE: Nasser Sultan’s secret love revealed

Gabrielle is heartbroken after discovering her husband has been hiding a secret the entire season.
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He’s the eternal bachelor who’s been struggling 
to get intimate with his TV wife Gabrielle Bartlett, despite professing his feelings for her on screen.

But there’s more to Married At First Sight‘s Nasser Sultan’s internal battle than meets the eye, with an on-set source revealing he was leading a double life during filming of the show.

“On weekends, he’d disappear without a trace, leaving Gabrielle to wonder where her husband was, and struggling to understand what went wrong between them,” says the source.

Now, several months on from when filming wrapped, insiders believe they know what the personal trainer, 50, was really up to.

“We now know Nasser was in fact in contact with another woman throughout the whole of the show,” our insider says.

Bach with his ex? Nasser shared images of himself holidaying with a former partner.

“It’s believed the woman was an old girlfriend and as soon as filming had wrapped, and before the reunion, he booked a trip with her to Bali,” tells the source, adding Nasser was happily sharing images of himself holidaying in Indonesia in early December.

The news came as a shock to single mum Gab, 45, who insiders say was heartbroken and angry when she discovered Nasser’s heart had belonged to someone else all along.

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Nasser and Gab have struggled to find that intimate spark.

“Gab felt really betrayed and let down. She’d suspected something wasn’t right throughout filming.”

“He put no effort into her once the cameras stopped rolling. Nasser had a lot of charm, but he’d only bring it out in front of the camera,” says our insider.

“He is a real flirt wherever 
he goes. He’s not a malicious guy – he just doesn’t think things through.”

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