Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS groom Nasser Sultan denies not paying bands

Nasser is in the middle of a social media storm and it’s not pretty.

By Bella Brennan
This week, Australia watched on as 50-year-old Nasser Sultan married Gabrielle Bartlett on Married at First Sight.
And it seems Nasser's newfound fame has exposed him to a number of concerning allegations, with some musicians taking to Facebook to claim the company Nightmare Music Nasser worked for as a band promoter owes them money.
According to The Music website, guitarist Chad Everson first started a thread on Facebook making allegations about Nasser.
It didn't take long for more people to chime in on the now deleted Facebook chain with claims they are still owed some money.
It's unclear if Nasser still works as a promoter and as he describes himself as a "fitness instructor" on the show.
On Wednesday, lead vocalist Lisa Kekaula took to Facebook to voice her concern.
Now to Love spoke with Lisa Kekaula, who spoke of her experiences with Nasser when he booked her American-based band the BellRays for an Australian tour in 2015.
But shortly after their Aussie shows, Lisa says things didn't go to plan and Nasser went radio silent.
"It is painful to travel so far and to want to give something to fans and then have it end like that," Lisa tells us.
"He booked us for a tour in August 2015. We played the shows and he paid all but $300+ in expenses and none of the performance fee," Lisa explains.
"It is painful to travel so far and to want to give something to fans and then have it end like that. That is the last time we have been in Australia. I don't want that to be the last memory I have of that tour but it is."
In August that same year, Lisa says Nasser stopped responding to her emails chasing up the outstanding amount and he unfriended her on Facebook.
She says she continued to reach out to Nasser and his associates for over a year but says it became like "groundhog day."
Nasser has since denied the claims.
"The recent allegations made against Nightmare Music are categorically untrue. Nightmare Music has honoured all contractual agreements, as per the signed contracts terms and conditions with all artists," he said in a statement.
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One music insider tells Now to Love: "Some of my friends say 'he ripped off my band.' But in my dealings with him – both playing in bands in the 80s - he's a friendly, nice fun-loving guy."
While another musician who has worked with the now-fitness instructor tells us: "Nasser was always good to me and my band as well. I think every music promoter would have enemies."
Nasser Sultan has denied the allegations.