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EXCLUSIVE: My Kitchen Rules’ Romel bares all during WILD night out

It sure was a cracking good night!
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Sydney-based socialite Romel Kouyan and his My Kitchen Rules partner Ibby Moubadderand have made no secret of the fact that they prefer the finer things in life, in fact, Romel even hired an interior designer to style their lavish instant restaurant!

However, in photos exclusively obtained by Woman’s Day, it appears the usually sophisticated amateur cook is hiding a secret wild life from his fellow MKR contestants…

He did WHAT!? Romel seems to have a very different side to what we see on the show… (Image: Channel 7)

Snapped on a night out in Sydney, the 42-year-old was seen by club goers letting loose at the Stonewall Hotel and Palms nightclub.

“If his behaviour is anything to go by, he seemed to have drunk quite a bit,” reveals an onlooker.

As the photos show, at one point Romel undid his pants and flashed his backside around the bathroom.

“We thought he was going to get kicked out,” adds the spy.

A cracker of a night!

Looks like Romel enjoyed having an audience!

Sydney socialite Romel and his MKR partner in crime Ibby have made a big impression on the group, believing that their shared Middle Eastern hertiage will give them an advantage in the competition.

“[It] definitely makes us a threat in this competition,” Ibby said previously.

“With our Persian and Lebanese backgrounds, we can come up with some very cool menus

“I learnt to cook at a young age watching my grandmother and from then I knew I wanted a career in food.”

Romel and Ibby think they’re a match made in kitchen heaven. (Image: Channel 7)

And while Romel’s life outside of the show certainly seems a little wild, he’s kept himself very composed on-screen – for the most part!

Indeed the brunette cook has admitted he’s struggled to keep his cool from time to time, particularly when it comes to straight-talking sibling contestants Josh and Austin.

“I had moments where I just wanted to jump over the table and strangle them,” Romel said.

And he’s even admitted that he’ll do what it takes to speak his mind.

“I also have absolutely no problem in confronting heated situations that may arise at the table. I never shy away from confrontation,” he told TV WEEK.

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