My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules' Josh and Austin's instant restaurant from hell

Food poisoning, mouldy cat food and the instant restaurant from hell!

Between sand-filled chowder and under-cooked chicken drumsticks, home-schooled brothers Josh, 25, and Austin, 22, left their fellow amateur chefs feeling seriously dissatisfied after serving a less-than-impressive meal at their instant restaurant, "Arma Geddon Fed".
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The usually sharp-tongued brothers were left speechless after a fiery review from Manu. "This is ridiculous!" he snapped. "And I've never expressed myself like this in 10 years!"
While the over-confident brothers' disaster dinner was explosive enough, Woman's Day can now reveal the pair managed to cause a food poisoning outbreak on set!
"Karito threw up twice and was sick, Stacey got sick and Romel was on antibiotics for two weeks," an on-set spy reveals of the aftermath.
"Karito threw up twice." (Image: Channel Seven)
Beyond Josh and Austin's stomach-churning food, our source also claims the judges were horrified by their unkempt home.
"Pete and Manu were disgusted about the condition of the house," the source reveals. "Dirty socks at the front of the house, cigarette butts in their front and back yard, random worn-out shoes and mouldy cat food at the front door."
"Pete and Manu were disgusted about the condition of the house." (Image: Channel Seven)
Unfortunately for the boys, the bad taste they left in Manu's mouth doesn't end there.
"Manu lost it because their main came out almost six hours after their entree," reveals our source.

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