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My Kitchen Rules 2023: Which teams have been eliminated?

Only one team can take out the top spot.
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My Kitchen Rules 2023 promised incredible dishes with a whole lot of entertainment, but it all comes down to who will win and who will be eliminated – it is a competition after all.

Season 13 judges Colin Fasnidge and Manu Feildel were welcomed into the homes of these everyday chefs to judge and critique their dishes – before heading to Kitchen HQ to see what these aspiring chefs could really do.

Colin and Manu are here to judge MKR in 2023.

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But most of all, make the difficult decision of which team will stay and who is eliminated until the MKR 2023 winner is crowned.

Continue scrolling to see which teams have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules in 2023.

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**Coco and Pearls, NSW**

Coco and Pearls, NSW

In their short lived time on MKR, Coco and Pearls brought some spice and sass to the kitchen. But their glamorous menu backfired.

While both judges loved the main of a Crispy Pork Belly with Braised Red Cabbage and Mash, however, their entrée and dessert was a ‘fail’ or too theatrical.

Coco and Pearls’ overall score was 50 out of 100 and were narrowly edged out of the competition by married couple Claudean and Anthony by three points.

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Patricija and Brigita

Patricija and Brigita, QLD

When the gatecrashing sisters presented their traditional Lithuanian menu, no one knew what to expect, not even the judges. The dishes were all completely new to everyone at the dinner table.

Sadly, the first impression of Lithuanian food was less than impressive.

The girls were second to be eliminated from the competition.

Amber and Mel, NSW

Childhood friends Amber and Mel were eliminated from the competition, following a mystery fridge challenge at the MKR Kitchen HQ.

Unfortunately, Amber and Mel’s split yogurt sauce and heir kibbeh just wasn’t up to scratch – and saw the duo eliminated.

Aaron and Chris, NSW

The next challenge at the MKR Kitchen HQ saw the teams whipping up dessert. However, Aaron and Chris served up a chocolate fondant with pistachio crumb that failed to delight the judges. Sadly, we said goodbye to these two!

Claudean and Anthony, QLD

These two were also eliminated during the dessert round in MKR Kitchen HQ, after they undercooked their zeppole.

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