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Love Island’s Millie says she knew Eden before entering the villa: “Eden slept with my best friend”

Villa evictee Millie is spilling all the of Love Island secrets!
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Doggy day care work Millie Fuller, entered the Love Island villa looking for a tradie, but left with a model with a criminology and law degrees. We think that’s a fair trade!

On Tuesday night, Millie and her Island beau Mark were dumped from the villa. And while the brunette beauty says she’s happy with how her Love Island experience panned out, but something (or someone) must have gotten under her skin, because the 22-year-old is going down swinging. Watch out, Erin and Eden!

Overnight, shock claims have emerged accusing Erin and Eden of knowing each other before entering the villa, throwing the legitimacy of their relationship into question. But Millie told NW that she knew Eden in the real-world after he and her best-friend had a hot fling!

Read on as Millie drops some major Love Island truth bombs…

Last night Millie and Mark were sent packing, but it seems Millie isn’t leaving quietly…

You didn’t make a connection with any tradies and you’ve ended up with someone different to your type on paper, what happened?

Mille: I went in to get a connection with someone and I left with that so I’m really happy with my Love Island experience. I think being on Love Island I made me open up a little bit more and expand what I thought was my type.

What you think you want and what you need are such different things and maybe that’s why I’ve been single for so long.

Mark is gorgeous and such a beautiful person. My mum will be proud of me for going after a nice boy.

Watch out Islanders, no one is safe when Millie speaks her mind!

So, Eden thinks you’re hot…

Mille: I think it’s funny that he finds me attractive. I couldn’t have asked for something better to stir Erin up after all the nasty things I’m sure she’s said behind my back.

I do feel bad for Erin, she’s got these big insecurities and it gets to her that Eden finds me attractive. And also the fact that my best friend has slept with Eden multiple times and she didn’t want anything from him other than sex.

She has my friend’s sloppy seconds and it gets to her, so when Eden finds me attractive too makes it even worse for her [laughs].

Do you think Eden kinda wishes he coupled up with you?

Mille: I think that Erin is threatened by me because I have something that she’s never gonna have – a bubbly, light personality. I’m natural, while she has fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, and a fake personality.

She’s threatened and I think that if Eden did want someone different to her then it would be me. But I wouldn’t go anywhere near Eden!

Erin and Eden are in Millie’s line of fire!

Eden seems a little mean and aggressive, is he a bit of jerk?

Mille: Eden likes to have his ego stroked all the time and he likes to be an alpha male which I don’t understand.

I think he’s intimidated by a lot of people and he does intimidate people because he’s insecure. He’s not the smartest person I’ve met. And I think that a lot of the time he does act in a certain way because he’s intimated by other guys in the villa.

Are Erin and Eden just playing a game?

Mille: They take their mics off in the shower, and quite often we hear they’ve had arguments in there.

After it came out that Eden might have a girlfriend, Erin was really affected by it and kept saying we don’t want to talk about this on camera. So then they went and had a secret conversation about it later. I think if they’re faking parts of their relationship then Australia needs to question how real their relationship is. There has been a lot of speculation about it in the villa.

Millie says Erin and Eden take of their microphones to have private chats.

Does this mean you’re backing Grant and Tayla?

Mille: For sure, it’s obvious that they are real. They haven’t been hiding anything from the camera, what Australia sees is what Australia gets with those two.

If you ignore the first week, they have come out really strong. They complete each other in a really good way. They are what each other needed. They’re so genuine.

Tell us, do you have any beef with Cassidy?

Mille: Cassidy was playing the game and in the end, she showed her true colours. When she took grant off Tayla at the recoupling, it was clear that she didn’t come on the show to find love and help others find love.

I said it to her face that she was fame hungry and trying to do what it takes to get more Instagram followers and more fame.

She’s an actress, and boy does she know how to act.

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