Love Island

Hang on a minute! Did Erin and Eden know each other before Love Island?

Some shock claims have emerged alleging the Island power couple may be doing a dodgy!

Love Island is the modern-day romance we've all been watching with a glass of wine in one hand and phone in the other, feverishly texting our friends, "Are these people real?"
Sometimes the drama on the reality dating show seems all too fabulously mortifying, you do start to wonder, is any of this scripted? But then again, you couldn't really write some of the inspired prose our Love Islanders come up with! Take Millie for example, "I'd give a sh*t more AF what the cat thinks about me than Erin!" Stunning!
While the show may not be scripted -- Channel Nine's official response when we asked them straight out was a firm no -- evicted cast members have alleged that the couple tipped to win the series, Erin and Eden, may have known each other prior to entering the show, which goes against the entire premise of Love Island.
Are these two pulling the wool over our eyes?
The basic foundations of the show is that none of the cast know each other before entering a luxurious villa where they then play a game of romantic musical chairs, where guys and gals need to pair up.
But on the eve of the final, Love Island evictee Miller Fuller has turned the game on it's head, making shock claims that Erin and Eden knew each other before entering the Spanish villa.
Evicted Islanders Millie and Mark have made shock claims about Eden and Erin.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, the doggy day care worker said that some of the contestants started to think that Erin and Eden knew each other before the show.
"I just think the whole thing seems staged on their behalf," she said.
Cast members say Erin and Eden would have private chats with their microphones turned off.
Fellow contestant Mark also added fuel to the fire when he made similar allegations.
"The feeling is mutual around the villa with other Islanders too that they did know each other," he said.
Mark also explained that Erin and Eden would have private chats with their microphones turned off.
However a spokesperson for Channel Nine was quick to shut done any further speculation the couple knew each other in the real-world saying, "Any suspicions are misguided."
Eden and Erin have been smitten since day one!
While we all want to believe that for Erin and Eden, it was love at first sight, eagle-eyed fans of the show have looked back on the couple's first meeting and have claimed there might be a few hints that point to the couple knowing each other previously.
When the couples all first met on the show, it was noted that Erin did not step forward to show her interest in any of the guys, until Eden, the last to enter arrived.
"I won't forget on the first day, Erin kept repeating 'I know the last guy is for me' - when there was already four guys there," Millie said, hinting that Erin knew Eden was due to arrive.
Secondly, during this same meeting, Love Island watchers have pointed out that Eden knew Erin's name before host Sophie Monk had introduced them.
Perhaps there was a moment cut during the shows editing, or perhaps Eden had spotted a familiar face...

This isn't the first time Eden, a prison guard, has been at the centre of Love Island controversy. Last week NTL reported on shock claims that he had a girlfriend off the Island.
After a Love Island Facebook fan account, Love Island Memes, posted a picture of Eden with his arm around an Erin look-a-like, a woman phoned into *The Kyle and Jackie O Show' claiming to be the best friend of the woman in the snap.
"Eden didn't actually tell Stephanie he was going on Love Island until the Wednesday before filming. He left for the Island on the Friday," claimed radio caller Alashana Stead.
Stead told the radio show that Stephanie became suspicious of Eden after he told her "he was going on a trip to America with the boys".
Stephanie soon realised her gut-feeling was correct after Eden confessed he was going on the dating show.
Stephanie allegedly told Eden: "You know what? It's a good opportunity for you, so if you want to do that, then you do that."
"She didn't leave it on bad terms," Stead said.