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EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef’s Andy Allen dishes on the new season

Newly married Andy is back for another spicy season!
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More than ten years have passed since Andy Allen won the fourth season of MasterChef, the Newcastle-born, Aussie larrikan still can’t quite believe how far he’s come.

Talking to Woman’s Day, the amateur cook turned restaurateur, author and now MasterChef judge, 34, spills on the newest season, what it was like working with Jamie Oliver, and how married life has changed him for the better.

Andy is back in the MasterChef kitchen.

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This season marks your fourth year working as a judge on MasterChef, how does that feel?

It feels good! And so familiar. I always say I’m a lucky bloke. As someone who entered the competition as a contestant 10 years ago, to now be able to stand where I am as a judge in a show completing its 15th season on TV, I feel bloody awesome!

Did you ever expect you’d be a bona fide TV star when you first appeared on the show as a MasterChef contestant all those years ago?

No way – not at all. My sole ambition as a contestant was not to make a fool out of myself on national TV…

Every year expectations rise with the contestants, what are you hoping you see from this years’ cast?

In this season you really get a sense of relatability and honesty in their cooking.

Were you inspired by any of the budding chef’s recipes this year?

Yeah I definitely learn something every time I’m in the kitchen with the contestants. If you’re surrounded by budding cooks who are pushing themselves, it means you’re constantly taking on some of the things they are trying and therefore always learning yourself.

Andy joins Jamie Oliver in the MasterChef kitchen for the latest season

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Tell us what it was like working alongside Jamie Oliver! Was he everything you imagined he’d be?

He’s the same bloke off screen as he is on screen. Total legend, loved working with him.

What cooking advice did he give you?

There were some really good moments of advice from Jamie, moments that showed his experience. It was evident with Jamie that there are dishes you come by in your life that have such significance they can change your entire life. These dishes will stick with you no matter what happens. When you watch the first two episodes of this season, you’ll know what I mean.

Did he give you any life advice for outside of the kitchen?

No not really. We just nerded out on food!

How is married life treating you and Alex!?

Married life is good. We have been on cloud nine since our wedding late last year, enjoying the first year of marriage, travelling when we can amongst balancing our jobs and having a few laughs and epic date nights along the way!

Andy and wife Alex.

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MasterChef premieres Monday 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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