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Which hopeful contestants have handed in their aprons on MasterChef Australia 2023?

Has your favourite chef been eliminated?
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MasterChef Australia 2023 made its debut to television screens on May 7 and after a week of intense mastery in the kitchen, one hopeful has already been eliminated.

Initially, the cooking show was scheduled to premiere on May 1, however in respects to judge Jock Zonfrillo who passed away on the same day, Network 10 made the decision to hold off.

Jack passed away on May 1.

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To tribute Jock, a touching tribute was shared during a special edition of The Sunday Project by celebrating his achievements and honouring his personal and professional life.

With his family’s support, MasterChef Australia began.

And so, eighteen contestants will spend the next few weeks battling it out to be the best and ultimately win MasterChef Australia 2023.

Continue reading to find out who have been eliminated from the competition.

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During the first elimination challenge, contestants had to cook a meal using three ingredients close to the judges childhood: either Kumquats, Vegemite or Panettone.

After 60 minutes, the three least impressive dishes were sent to cook in an additional round. Where Andrea was unfortunately the first contestant to be sent home. Meanwhile, Amy and Robbie – who were in the high-stakes second round – get to see yet another competition.

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Larissa was the second contestant to be eliminated this season after an unbalance sweet choux saw her sent home during the pastry elimination challenge.

But, luckily she won a second chance apron earlier in the week which allowed her to cook in the next elimination challenge.

Larissa rejoined the competition during Julie Goodwin’s Seafood Stew elimination challenge.

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Although Larissa re-entered the competition, one contestant had to be eliminated during the Seafood Stew Challenge.

Sadly for Jessica, her choice to make an eggless pasta with bread flour was her downfall and she was sent home.

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In a challenge where the contestants had just 45 minutes to prepare their dish of choice and then 60 minutes to cook it the next day, Amy’s Mexican and Japanese pork braised tacos didn’t impress.

Despite this setback, Amy described the show as a “stepping stone” for her future.

“To even get the opportunity to come on here is mindblowing, I’m so bloody proud of myself for getting this far,” she told New Idea. “It’s very stressful and time goes so quickly in the MasterChef kitchen.”

“Every challenge was good in itself, you learned a lot, if it was a bit hard that was always a learning curve, I did enjoy every single challenge.”

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Alice and fellow contestants Declan and Grace had to recreate Chef Donato Toce’s Messinetta dish in just four hours and fifteen minutes.

Alice’s dense and icy gelato wasn’t good enough for the judges and she is the fifth contestant to be eliminated.

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Robbie and four other contestants were sent into a challenge where they had 75 minutes to cook a dish inspired by classic Aussie food.

He wanted to cook curried sausages but the judges pointed out the dish was repetitive, Robbie decided to cook a prawn cocktail with his curry sauce as the mayonnaise.

Unfortunately, the prawns were overcooked nor did the curry sauce combine well with the lettuce texture and Robbie was the sixth contestant to be sent home.

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After a masterclass from renowned chef, Rick Stein the contestants were tasked with creating a calamari dish for this week’s elimination challenge.

While Phil’s first dish impressed the judges, he just fell short and found himself in the second round with Declan, Malissa and Ralph. The next round had contestants choose one of five locations inspired by Rick’s travels, and create a dish which showcased the country’s cuisine.

Sadly, Phil’s spaghetti con anatra caused him to be eliminated from the competition.

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It was a complicated Pho that was Grace’s downfall on MasterChef.

“Practically, it was browning off my bones…. which left it quite fatty at the end. Not being super familiar with the cuisine is probably where I came down,” she told our sister site WHO.

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Sadly, Antonio’s puff pasty saw him being the ninth contestant to be eliminated during the Maggie Beer Gamble Elimination Challenge.

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In a challenge set by renowned chef, Nelly Robinson, Ralph was the tenth contestant to leave MasterChef.

After struggling with desserts throughout the entire competition, the judges found Ralphs carrot cake was undercooked and burnt.

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In a unique and difficult taste-test, the contestants had to examine “jelly-like texture” pearls which had no discernible smell. Unfortunately, Adi fasely identified the pearl which sent her into the elimination challenge where each colour was assigned to a different dish.

After struggling to decide on a clear direction for her dish, Adi was sadly the eleventh to be eliminated.

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It was a shock to all MasterChef fans that Rue was eliminated from the competition as many believed she had the potential to win. But the pressure test was too much as Rue battled it out with Cath after Malissa used her immunity pin just seconds before the challenge ended which possibly changed the game.

In an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, Rue confessed it was a “bittersweet moment”.

“The sweetness being I got to meet Clare Smith… the bitter part being I thought I could go a little bit further,” she said.

However, she walked out of the competition “with [her] head held high.”

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Contestants were given 90 minutes to cook an impressive dish using a limited selection of ingredients and whatever was not used in the first round, were used in the second round.

While Malissa’s hazelnut ice cream sandwich with a ganache centre was delicious, but the aftertaste of baking powder was her downfall and she was sent home.

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So close to making into the final four on MasterChef, sadly Cath made the ultimate mistake during the elimination challenge – mistaking the fridge for the freezer.

“Putting my chocolate parfait in the freezer would have been a good idea,” she jokingly told TV WEEK. “Honestly, it was those last minutes where I did my dip and dots, then they melted on the plate. I just got really frazzled. I look at it now and I can’t believe it.”

While being eliminated was “really devastating”, especially since her final dish was in tribute to her daughters, Cath admits she won’t let her final challenge “define [her] whole competition.”

Being told by Jock, who sadly passed away in May, that he was “really proud” of her following the mystery box challenge was one of Cath’s most “special” moments on the show.

And as for who she thinks will win the competition? Find out here.

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