Who can withstand the heat in the kitchen and win MasterChef Australia 2023?

The contestants have their theories...

By Tia Thomas
More than half of the eighteen original contestants on MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises have been eliminated, now the question on everyone's lips is: who will win the 2023 competition?
So many young hopefuls have battled it out in the kitchen, from pastries to desserts to bare minimum meals and even recreating iconic dishes. While there's no doubt all these contestants are working hard to impress the judges - only one can win.
Theo (left) and Rhiannon (right) are all on Rue's most likely to win list. (Image: Instagram)
After just missing out on ranking in the final four, Cath revealed to TV WEEK that while Brent and Theo are great chefs, she will be backing Rhiannon and Declan to take out the top spot.
"I love all of them but I've got to go with Rhi and Declan," she explained.
"Rhi who's my best buddy and I've got Declan who's my adopted son - who we fight over - he is just such a delight. I would just love one of those guys [to win]."
MasterChef fans were thrown into a whirl pool when fan-favourite contestant Rue was eliminated during a grueling five-hour pressure test after Malissa's last-minute decision to use her immunity pin left Rue and Cath to battle it out.
But in an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, Rue revealed who she thinks will be the Season 15 winner."Everyone who is left is quite great so I'm a girls girl, I love my girl Malissa she is definitely a contender," she said.
However, during a 90 minute cooking challenge Malissa was eliminated. Sadly she won't be winning this year's competition but she did reveal to our sister site, WHO Magazine who she thinks will take out the competition.
Brent (left) and Declan (right) are also favourites. (Image: Instagram)
"This is such a tough question because one thing I learned while being on MasterChef was that you can be the best cook but it really depends on the challenge of the day," Malissa said.
"Anyone can make any kind of mistake so it's really hard to pick a winner because everyone is so great. You know, I've got my two besties in the competition: Declan and Rhi, so I'm hoping that they will be up there!"
Meanwhile, Rue told TV WEEK: "I am also going to go for my girl Rhiannon and also Theo."
And it seems Theo has quite the fan club as former contestant Phil is also gunning for his friend.
"I really feel like anyone could win it at the moment but Theo is who I roomed with from day one so I will be backing him until the end," he told New Idea.
Another ex-contestant backing the sparky with a passion for baking is Grace, who believes Brent could also be a top competitor.
"I'm really hoping that either of them will go super well and make it to the end," she told our sister publication, WHO Magazine.
Meanwhile, Robbie told New Idea that Declan – to whom he formed a close connection with – could go far in the competition.
Following his exit from the MasterChef kitchen, Theo told New Idea that picking a winner is tough "because they are all amazing cooks and are all my friends, so I don't want to offend anyone."
Although it was a tricky choice to decide his pick, Theo stated that "over the whole journey of this MasterChef experience, I think either Declan or Brent [will win.]"
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