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The chefs go head-to-head in a final week of MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises

Who will come out on top?
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Can Brent, who last year left the show Voluntarily only to return this year in a powerful display of perseverance, claim the MasterChef Australia crown?

“It would be life-changing to win MasterChef 2023,” Brent, 32, tells TV WEEK. “But I’ve already won just by stepping back into the kitchen and giving it another crack.”

Along with trying to win MasterChef, Brent is focused on the arrival of his second child in November and the launch of a unique cookbook.

“It will come complete with a mental health tool kit, which I think is really needed to help others who are doing it tough,” he says.


The youngest of the contestants, Declan loves that he’s made it this far after months of high-pressure cooks.

“I came into the competition to make my family proud,” the 25-year-old reveals. “I’m so grateful to have got much further than I ever thought I would.”

The tradie from Sydney’s Northern Beaches said if he wins, the first thing he’ll do will be to buy his mum and dad a new car and “go home, give Talya [his partner] a big hug” and take his dog Sol to the dog park.

Brent (left) and Declan (right) are in the final four.

(Image: Ten)


Rhiannon says being on MasterChef has propelled her personal growth.

“I have a strength I never knew I had,” the 46-year-old mother-of-five from Townsville in far north Queensland shares. “It was also very healing for my grieving process after losing my mum.”

Rhiannon says that while having to cook a surprise every day was difficult – as it made preparing near impossible – MasterChef was a once-in-a-lifetime experience she’s “forever grateful” for.

“I’ll miss everything and every single person involved in the show,” she says.


With $250,000 at stake, Theo is more motivated than ever to take home the MasterChef trophy.

“My eyes are on winning now,” the 37-year-old electrician declares. “So top four doesn’t seem as important.”

Also motivating Theo is his French partner, Laure.

“The hardest part of MasterChef was leaving Laure alone after just arriving in the country,” Theo tells TV WEEK. “She’s been my number-one supporter, so I feel guilty and am forever in her debt.”

Theo (left) and Rhiannon (right) are in the final four.

(Image: Ten)

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