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SPOILER ALERT: The first Masked Singer 2021 contestant may have just been leaked

The show isn't even filming yet!
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The Masked Singer Australia 2021 could be in trouble if it can’t keep its mystery celebrities under wraps.

But it seems something might have slipped before it’s even begun because fans are pretty confident the first contestant has been revealed.

The celebrity in the hot seat is British reality star Charlotte Crosby, 31, who is best known in Australia for her appearance on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, which like The Masked Singer, is hosted by Channel 10.

Charlotte’s quarantine will end when the reality show starts filming.

(Credit: Instagram)

TV Blackbox reports that when Charlotte revealed she was in Australia for work, she used a sneaky cover on her Instagram story that she was in the country for her Nova podcast called Values And Vibrators.

But fans were not convinced she was spilling the truth because her arrival links up to the shows filming schedule.

The show will start filming on July 3, matching up with the end of Charlotte’s two-week stint in quarantine.

The coincidences line up too well for the rumours not to be accurate, but it seems Charlotte has been more concerned about getting through hotel quarantine than outing herself as a possible contestant.

Charlotte had to leave her boyfriend Liam Beaumont in the UK because of Australia’s strict rules on travel.

The Masked Singer starts filming July 3.

(Credit: Instagram)

On her Instagram story, she answered questions at the airport about how she feels about leaving the country.

According to The Sun, she reported that it was “sad, sad times,” and that she was going to “struggle”, and she is “scared” about travelling during COVID and without her beau.

When a fan asked her why Liam couldn’t fly with her, she responded, “As you can imagine Aus is so so so so strict at the moment, they aren’t even accepting tourist visas!

“I have work so I have a special work visa but Liam couldn’t get a visa as he wouldn’t be working there.

“Sad sad sad times. Gunna miss him loads but it’s gunna fly by!

“Keep imagining the moment we will be reunited again! LMAO I’m not even there yet and I’m already thinking about the reunion.”

Charlotte with her boyfriend.

(Credit: Instagram)

If Charlotte’s alleged appearance on the hit reality show goes well, it may be a while until the star can reunite with her boyfriend.

The reality star revealed her deep singing voice during the UK lockdown, which shocked her loyal fans who didn’t realise she had such a talent.

She had filmed a video of herself singing Adele’s famous song Rolling In The Deep, and it proved that Charlotte has some great pipes.

Now To Love have reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

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