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EXCLUSIVE: The Masked Singer’s Dragonfly Sophie Monk reveals how boyfriend Josh pushed her to sing again after 17-year hiatus

''He was really proud because I never sang.''
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It was The Masked Singer reveal that rattled the judges more than any other, in particular, Jackie O.

A killer rendition of Kesha’s party anthem, Tik Tok, that had the whole room dancing, wasn’t enough to secure the Dragonfly to the next round.

After much speculation and even a sneaky phone call on set, Sophie Monk, was confirmed to be the singer under the mask.

While Dannii Minogue managed to guess correctly, all eyes were on Jackie O – Sophie’s best friend.

Having kept the secret from the radio host and close friend, Sophie says she was relieved she no longer had to keep the lie going.

Now, chatting to Now To Love Sophie reveals how The Masked Singer has led her to create new music and how she deals with the critics – including that of recent Bardot band member, Tiffani Wood.

Jacki O couldn’t believe her eyes.

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How do you feel now the secret is out?

It was good because I had to lie to my best friend and I thought I’d be knocked out first round. And the next minute I was like, “Oh my God, I’ve got to lie and lie and lie.” And you know, the lie gets bigger and bigger. So it was quite a relief, you know, a fun prank to play on your best mate.

You haven’t sung for 17 years, and in fact, said you’d never sing again. What got you to say yes to a singing show?

I just think it’s been such a tough year and it’s such a fun, positive show. Plus, when do you get to be grown up and dress up like that? I also didn’t realise it was actually live singing. I thought they might pre-record, but they don’t. I went “Oh God, I’m going to have to train a bit harder here”.

Sophie’s partner, Josh, pushed the star to return to singing.


What did your boyfriend Josh think of your performances, did he know it was you?

I only told him but he was really proud because I never sang, not even in the shower. I think I was just really young in the industry and I kind of went, “I don’t want to do this anymore”.

He pushed me to get back into it and said, “I want you to start singing” so he was very supportive.

You’ve mentioned the industry pushed you to quit, was there a particular moment that made that decision for you?

I think it was, without being too specific because I don’t like saying mean things, it was a little bit of unkindness and I just prefer to be happy and try different things.

Many guessed Sophie was under the mask, but the reveal stunned nonetheless.

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You also received some backlash from ex-Bardot bandmate Tiffani Wood about being too busy for a reunion but not the show – how did that make you feel?

I don’t wish bad on anyone, to be honest. It’s been such a tough year…I’ve got nothing to say. I wish them all the best, honestly.

Has the show pushed you to get back into singing and start recording again?

I’ve worked with a vocal coach and the first phone call I had with him I said, “I can’t sing for sh*t”. I sang and he said “No, you’ve got this jazzy tone”. So he said, “Let’s write a song together that you’re comfortable with” and I love it so much. I’m not sure people want to hear it but it was fun to record.

Do you plan on releasing the song for fans?

I’d like to, I don’t even know to go about it nowdays. In my day you’d buy CDs from Sanity.

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