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Married At First Sight: Sam just lied straight to Bronson’s face about his affair with Ines

“Everyone at this table has made up rumours about me”
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Sam just lied straight to Bronson’s face about his ‘affair’ with his wife Ines on Married At First Sight, and honestly I would throw my wine at the TV if it didn’t cost a whole $7.

Ines and Sam took their flirtation to the next level on this week’s group holiday to the Gold Coast, spending the night together in his room. As their ‘affair’ heats up, though, so do the rumours, with other participants hearing warped snippets about what’s going on.

Someone thinks Martha has photos of Ines and Sam hooking up in the hot tub. Ning says she saw Sam and Ines kissing in a room, but she’s convinced it was Jessika and Mick’s room. Everyone is confused and the only person taking the investigation seriously is our Queen and one true icon Cyrell.

At tonight’s dinner party, Cyrell tried to encourage Elizabeth to ask Sam about the rumours. After failing in her efforts, Cyrell put a big question to her friend.

“You don’t care about being made a fool?” she asked. “You might not care, but how does it stand for Bronson? How do you know Bronson doesn’t care for Ines? Will you actually sit there and allow for someone to look stupid?”

Heading back to the table, Cyrell approached Dino and asked him to speak with Bronson about it.

“I think you should to talk to him, because I’m sitting next to the guy and he’s so oblivious to everything that’s going on,” she said. “I’ve never seen a person look so stupid. He has a right to know.”

Dino went and recounted the night’s varied rumours to Bronson, adding he wasn’t sure if it was true.

“You’re aware of what’s been said?” Michael asked a dumbfounded Bronson, before summoning Sam over to the group.

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Unsurprisingly, Sam sat down and immediately began a defensive rant.

“Everyone at this table has made up rumours about me, all the girls are talking, I’ve been in Jess and stuffs room, I’ve ben f—ing doing all this s—t,” Sam said.

“So you’re saying no?” Bronson asked, with Sam offering up a nod and a muttered “yeah.”

“I believe you,” Bronson said, going in for a gentleman’s fist-bump with the man who spent the previous evening in bed with his wife.

“It’s bull—t,” Sam said one last time for good measure. Though it seemed his blatant lie was bought by the other men at the table, Sam felt the need to keep going.

“Why are we still f—ing talking about it. I honestly don’t give a s—t,” he said, which lead to Bronson, Michael, Dino and Nic all exchanging awkward glances.

As Bronson uncomfortably changed the topic to the weather (of all things???) viewers around Australia were left screaming in to the void.

Yes, TECHNICALLY, Sam did not kiss Ines in a sauna – that we’ve seen – but I’m still calling this a bald-faced lie. He knows what he’s doing.

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Not only did Sam lie to Bronson, but he was also shown majorly gaslighting Elizabeth earlier in the episode. Much like he has for the entire season.

“I came in to this looking to find a partner,” Sam said to Elizabeth before the dinner party, and she replied “same.”

“Well obviously you haven’t, because you’ve completely wasted my time. It’s obvious,” he continued.

“I feel like I’ve been turned around to be… like you’re a victim of me,” Elizabeth said.

“Well I definitely am,” he claimed. “That’s for sure. I feel like a bit of a victim at the moment. I felt like a victim yesterday.”

As their bickering escalated, Elizabeth got more and more worked up as Sam laughed in her face and called her a “liar.” Elizabeth looked heartbroken by the accusations, as Sam put all of the blame on to her because he is a very big victim™ of the experiment.

Continuing his ranting, Sam also told the cameras “correct me if I’m wrong, but through this experiment, I think I’ve been quite nice to Elizabeth.”

Consider yourself corrected, Sam.

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Sam is absolutely right about one thing: he does does not owe it to anyone ever to fake being interested in a relationship. He’s not interested in Elizabeth, and that’s fine. But the way he’s gone about dealing with his feelings – lying, cheating, manipulating and mocking – is unacceptable. And viewers have had enough.

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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