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MAFS’ Dean Wells claims Ryan Gallagher was in talks to be the next Bachelor

The MAFS star says Ryan dumped his girlfriend to be “more famous”
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Dean Wells has claimed his Married At First Sight co-star Ryan Gallagher dumped his girlfriend Ayla Browne to be the next Bachelor.

In a YouTube video titled ‘The truth about why Ryan blocked all of his mates’, Dean said Ayla moved to Australia to be with Ryan but he ended the relationship after receiving a call from Warner Bros [the production company behind The Bachelor].

“Ryan got the call up from Warner Bros to be the next Bachelor,” Dean said.

“What did he do? He dumps her straight away. He says, ‘Sorry, I’m going off to be more famous. I’m going to be the Bachelor. We’re not a thing anymore’. She uprooted her whole life, her job, her house to move to another country to be with him.”

Dean went on to explain Nine Network blocked Ryan from working with 10.

“It was all a big waste of time,” he added.

Dean and Ryan have been at loggerheads ever since Ryan revealed Dean and Telv [Williams] partied with his ex-girlfriend, Alya, on the same day he received the news his mother’s cancer had returned for a fourth time.

Ryan leaked private messages from Dean which read, “That party was so loose. Everyone was dancing and hooking up with everyone.”

But Dean – who also alleges Ryan hooked up with his MAFS co-star Ash [Irvin] in the video – says he’s sick of being made out to be the bad guy.

“It damages my reputation, my relationships, my career,” he said. “I have to set the record straight. I’m no angel. I’ve done things I’m not proud of but I didn’t do what Ryan accused me of.”

See the full video in the player at the top of the article!

Looks like the drama is far from over between these two.

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