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Married at First Sight’s biggest feud just escalated between Rebecca and Booka after scandalous kissing footage was revealed

It's all coming to a head.
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Two Married At First Sight brides are headed for a face-off this week after scandalous footage of two contestants kissing came to light.

According to a well-placed source, Rebecca has waged war on the show’s supposed Miss Congeniality of the season, Booka, 31, after seeing damning footage of her kissing Jake, 33, at a party.

“She was also told by mutual friends that Booka and Jake kissed on a night out,” the source tells Woman’s Day.

“She’s furious with both of them, but particularly because Booka and Jake are getting such a hero edit and being made out to be the nicest people on the show.”

The incident apparently happened during a night out in Sydney, and while Bec, 27, admits that her relationship has been far from smooth, she was rocked that the two could do that to her – and be so open about it, too.

“She didn’t think Booka would be the kind of girl to do that to her,” says the source.

“Even though Jake and Booka knew each other before the show, Bec was reassured by both of them it was just a professional relationship.

Beck and Jake’s marriage hasn’t been smooth sailing

(Channel Nine)

“She feels really betrayed.”

While rumours of the kiss have circulated among the MAFS cast, Booka, who is married to Brett on the show, is making every attempt to downplay the rumours, telling Rebecca it was merely two friends being affectionate.

“It wasn’t the betrayal Bec thinks it is. It was a bit of party fun – everybody was kissing everyone!” says the insider.

“It was a celebration and everyone was in high spirits.”

Rebecca and Booka are set to clash over Jake

(Channel Nine)

The source adds that Booka has also been left confused by Bec’s issues with her, as she believes her intentions with Jake have never moved to the next level anyway.

“She didn’t even want to be with Jake, so no one knows why she’s so worked up about it all,” says the insider.

Indeed, viewers have watched Perth business manager Bec acting increasingly hostile towards Jake throughout their TV marriage, even after relationship expert John Aiken called her out for her harsh criticism of Jake.

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