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Married At First Sight’s Cam and Jules: ‘We’re having twins!’

Double trouble is on the way for the clucky couple.
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They’re one of the most genuine matches in the six seasons of Married At First Sight, and for Cam and Jules, things are moving fast.

“We’re absolutely in love… that’s what this whole journey has been about,” Cam reveals.

But while the ex-professional cricketer has found his perfect match in gorgeous Jules, there’s still one thing missing.

“I’m in a really good place in my life… but I’m just missing a family,” the Married At First Sight groom confesses.

The pair already “adopted” two plants – which they named Gemma and Harrison – during filming in order get a jump start on their parenting practise.

Now, it appears they could be gearing up for the real thing.

WATCH: Cam and Jules play Mr and Mrs. Post continues after the video…

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Cam and Jules are so happy their baby dream has come true. (Image: Exclusive to Woman’s Day/Phillip Castleton/

Cam Merchant, 34, and Jules Robinson, 36, were seen shopping for baby clothes at an upmarket boutique in Sydney recently.

A fellow shopper reveals the loved-up pair browsed a range of items for both boys and girls, prompting speculation that twins could be on the way!

Of course, before babies comes marriage – a legally binding one, that is. In a romantic move, the pair are thought to be tying the knot on September 20 to mark one year since their TV nuptials.

Sitting down with Woman’s Day, clucky Jules talks all things babies…

Cam and Jules’ love story has captivated the nation. (Image: Exclusive to Woman’s Day/Phillip Castleton/

Jules, you’ve made it clear you’re ready to have kids with Cam. Any exciting news?

Funnily enough, our parents have told us we’re having twins.

Apparently I’m genetically destined to have them. It skips a generation and it’s landed on us. But this is really strange… two clairvoyants have told me I’m having twins, as well. Cam has the names picked out already.

Care to share them, Cam?

I’m not giving them up just yet – they’re going to stay a secret. Being matched with someone who didn’t want kids would have been a complete deal- breaker for me. I’m ready to start a family.

Would you say it was love at first sight for the both of you?

Jules: Cam and I got so lucky. We came in with such a similar mindset – we have the same emotional intelligence and outlook on life.

I said to the experts, “Thank you! I know he was hand-picked but I feel like he was handmade for me.” I’m eternally grateful for the show. Cam Everything has indicated we’re meant to be together.

Double trouble: “I’m genetically destined to have them [twins]. It skips a generation and it’s landed on us,” Jules tells us. (Image: Exclusive to Woman’s Day/Phillip Castleton/

Was it awkward being on the show knowing not all couples were as happy as you guys?

Jules: I was always thinking about love and marriage, because that’s all I ever wanted from this.

It didn’t cross my mind that others would be there for different intentions, and certain people would be there for the drama, but that slapped me in the face.

Cam: They genuinely did say, “Screw you guys, we’re jealous!” The majority of the couples wanted to find what we had, but it wasn’t happening.

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