Married At First Sight

Is MAFS' Jules pregnant!? Fans point out a VERY telling sign

That's a very strategic pose, Jules...

By Jess Pullar
First came Meghan Markle's suspicious folders, then there was Laura Byrne holding a laptop, and now we've got Married at First Sight's Jules with a shopping bag - is this the 21st century way of hiding a baby bump?
Indeed MAFS fans were sent into frenzy this week after some telling clues led them to believe Jules is pregnant to Cam, her on-screen 'husband'.
So what were the clues, you ask? The proof, it appears, is all in the pictures.
The first clue came when a picture of the loved-up pair was posted by a jewellery retailer on Instagram, as seen above.
In the picture, fans pointed out Jules' waistline, which appeared show a little bit of a bump.
"I've heard she is pregnant.. from the looks of this its true," a fan commented.
"Such a cute couple and she definitely looks pregnant," another wrote.
Some have taken to a MAFS Facebook fan page to discuss the photo as a pregnancy clue in-depth, with one eagle-eyed watcher stepping things up a notch by bringing a second telling photo to our attention.
The picture, taken on Thursday evening at popular restaurant chain Chargrill Charlie's in Rose Bay, shows Jules, Cam and a staff member smiling happily together.
On first glance, all seems very normal, but on closer inspection, you might think the bag placement from Jules is a rather strategic choice.
Pulling a Meghan Markle? Jules holds a bag strategically over her tummy. (Image: @chargrillcharlies Instagram)
This isn't the first time we've wondered whether the couple will be starting a family sooner rather than later.
Cam has spoken previously about his desire to start a family, revealing that it even saved him from a battle with depression.
"[At the time] I had achieved everything in my life but two things were missing – a partner and kids – and chasing those two things were what allowed me to get out of bed," he explained.
He and Jules were quick to discuss the topic of family on the show, with both being relieved to find they were on the same page.
In a touching moment between the pair, Cam sealed their relationship by exclaiming: "I love you! And I could see myself having a family with you!"
Meanwhile, Jules also gushed about the idea: "Wanting kids is something I was very honest about at the beginning, which is not a natural conversation to have with somebody you've just met. But I put my cards on the table and told him flat out that's what I wanted!" she told Woman's Day.
Cam and Jules appear to be the real deal. (Image: Nine)
In February, Jules spoke to Nova's Fitzy And Wippa about swirling rumours that the pair were already expecting - but she was quick to shut things down.
"No, no. I wished, but no," she said at the time.
But now might be a different story as it's been made patently clear that the pair are for keeps - in fact, there's some serious evidence to suggest Cam might drop the knee in the show's finale!
Is there an engagement ring on the cards? (Image: Instagram)
One of the most telling signs came during their visit to Cam's home in Sydney, where he was quick to tell his parents that he thought Jules was 'The One'.
"But truly, you think this woman is the one?" Cam's dad asked of him.
"Are mum and I looking at our future daughter-in-law and perhaps the one that's going to allow us to have the little pitter patter of feet around Dee Why?"
"The answer is actually yes," Cam replied.
Meanwhile, exclusive photos published by Woman's Day of the pair show them at a jewellery store in Noosa, where it was claimed they'd bought an engagement ring.
"They inspected several rings before being taken out the back to try them on," an onlooker said.
Whatever the result, there's no doubt we're super happy for this loved-up duo!

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