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The real reason why MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee were cut from the final edit

He is a menace.
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Despite Ollie Skelton’s iconic reactions to some questionable moments on Married At First Sight Australia, he never seemed to get enough screen time and it was on purpose.

Ollie has been running wild on TikTok lately, especially in his hilarious imitation of his fellow MAFS co-stars including Evelyn and relationship expert John Aiken.

Ollie loves to imitate his MAFS co-stars.

(Image: Instagram)

But in a recent TikTok video captioned “Why didn’t you get any screentime?”, Ollie confessed why he didn’t get as much screen time during the weekly dinner parties…

“A lot of people say ‘Hey, Tahnee and Ollie, you weren’t in the show.’ We actually were,” he said.

“I just actually didn’t get any screen time cause I was drunk the whole time.”

The young reality star then showed himself, with droopy eyes, sitting next to Harrison Boon and Adam Seed at the dinner party when he said, “I’m blind, can barely get a sentence out. Help me.”

MAFS Tahnee and Ollie are still going strong.

(Image: Instagram)

Tahnee commented on the post writing, “too real.”

Hundreds of other fans flooded the comment section with praise as Ollie confirmed their suspicions that the groom was getting a bit silly off screen.

“Honestly my spirit animal,” one wrote.

“You were hilarious ‘sober’, which make me mad we didn’t get to see you drunk”.

Another fan wrote: “Best and funniest person in the show.”

WATCH: MAFS Ollie Skelton reveals he was drunk during the dinner parties. Article continues after the video.

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Meanwhile other MAFS-lovers thought Ollie and Tahnee were never on screen because they were “perfect” and drama free, which doesn’t make for good television.

“I thought it was because you and Tahnee are perfect together so there was no drama so they didn’t film any of it,” one commented.

“I literally thought it was because y’all aren’t trouble makers.”

Another wrote: “You know what it is, you weren’t problematic, the audience loved you but you didn’t have any big issues.”

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