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New romance, podcasts and risqué content: What are the MAFS 2023 stars doing now?

They are a busy bunch.
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It wasn’t long ago we were watching the Married At First Sight Australia Season ten stars battle it out during the dinner party, and in the privacy of their own apartments.

But we haven’t seen numerous of these 2023 stars since the MAFS reunion episode which aired in April.

MAFS 2023 ended in April.

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Following the finale, two couples actually found love – excluding the real-life couple swap – however, both couples have since departed ways. But all of these stars are taking advantage of their newfound fame.

Since the show’s end, we’ve spotted contestants at the club, launching brand deals and podcasts. MAFS is known for launching OnlyFans accounts, and while it took longer than we thought for someone to launch an account, the first side hustle was made.

Continue scrolling to find out what all the Married At First Sight Australia Season ten stars are doing now.

Shannon Adams

MAFS’ Shannon Adams welcomed his second child, daughter named Zarliah, with his on-and-off partner Jamea Drake in October 2023.

“PS why does this photo go so hard? 🔥🔥🔥Dad flexing is now a thing,” he captioned the announcement on Instagram.

It was a huge scandal when it was discovered that Shannon was still in contact with Jamea while filming the season.

Shannon shared this black and white photo to Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

Bronte Schofield

While MAFS is popular for producing OnlyFans stars, but surprisingly Bronte was the first among her 2023 contestants to sign up for the adult subscription based-platform which she said was made “by popular demand.”

Bronte took to Instagram to announce the news of her account, writing: “You asked for it”.

Followed by a flirty video of the former bride in a hot pink bikini where she then promoted her OnlyFans account by captioning the snap with: “Still busy showing off in my bikini… or without”.

Bronte has launched an OnlyFans account.

(Image: Instagram)

Caitlin McConville

Next up on the OnlyFans agenda is Caitlin, who took to Instagram to reveal she had restarted her account.

“Drop it like it’s hot,” she captioned the photo, with the Daily Mail reporting that the 28-year-old has made just under $17,000 within a short period of time.

McConville’s presence on OnlyFans took numerous fans by surprise, but Caitlin confessed that she had been quite candid about her OnlyFans account on MAFS however, it “unfortunately didn’t make it to air.”

“Drop it like it’s hot.”

(Image: Instagram)


Other than hard launching her new boyfriend and former co-star Duncan James, Evelyn has been attending Australian Fashion Week, posed for the cover of Maxim magazine and securing brand deals on Instagram.

Following her reality TV stint, a source reportedly told Yahoo Lifestyle that Evelyn was “Channel Nine’s new darling.”

“This could be anything from hosting segments on Today Extra to landing her own digital series or even appearing on Celebrity Apprentice if they bring it back. There’s a lot of possibilities and it’s all very exciting for her,” they said.

She later presented a perfect day out in Sydney segment on Getaway.

Evelyn could be the network’s favourite.

(Image: Instagram)


As a beauty influencer even before entering the MAFS experiment, Janelle is definitely using her growth in followers to share even more beauty content.

From teaching her fans make-up techniques, how to do hairstyles and even making former co-star Ollie Skelton look like relationship expert John Aiken, Janelle is a busy girl!

She was even spotted attending Fashion Week in Australia.

Janelle was looking fabulous at Fashion Week.

(Image: Instagram)


Harrison has had quite a few things to say about his time on MAFS, so it comes as no surprise that he announced a podcast launch titled ‘The Harrison Boon Podcast’.

In addition, Harrison stepped into the ring with former MAFS star Daniel Holmes. The fight was used to raise money for a non-profit organisation called Youth Off The Streets.

Harrison is preparing for his big fight.

(Image: Instagram)


During an explosive interview with 9Honey, Duncan and Evelyn confirmed their relationship with a MAFS ‘honesty box’ mock challenge.

Other than participating in multiple other interviews with his girlfriend, it seems Duncan has been busy showering her with love! Between helicopter dates, boat trips and keeping fit, he even attended fashion week with her.

Duncan’s become quite the model since dating Evelyn.

(Image: Instagram)


Recently, Melissa starred on radio show Hughesy, Ed and Erin to go on a date. The program ‘We love hot mums’ where Melissa went on a date with younger “Delicious Dave” to a pottery class. It seemed to go well as Melissa claimed she would love to see him again.

There were numerous questions regarding Melissa’s future on OnlyFans, however the mum confirmed she has no intention of joining the adult-subscription platform.

“To all my followers, I am so apologetic but no, you will not be seeing me on OnlyFans,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Anybody that does that, my hat goes off to them and hand on heart, you do whatever floats your boat. But for myself personally, you won’t be seeing me on that kind of platform.”

Melissa says she won’t be signing up to OnlyFans.

(Image: Instagram)


As a business owner, Melinda is keeping busy growing her companies.

Sadly, in October 2023, Melinda went separate ways from her MAFS boyfriend Layton. In January 2024, she went on Instagram stories to confess that she missed only ‘parts’ of their relationship.

“I miss the good times and the side of Lay that was sweet and caring. I don’t miss the relationship itself though unfortunately, it was not good for either of us,” she wrote.

Melinda is a busy girl!

(Image: Instagram)

As for the other contestants, while they are loving the popularity which comes from a show such as MAFS they all seem to be living their best lives!

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