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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight’s Samantha spills on Bryce’s secret girlfriend

Samantha is coming back - with a bombshell
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Bride Samantha quit Married At First Sight when her husband Cameron started flirting with fellow bride Coco.

Although the flirtation blindsided the mum-of-two and left her hurt and disappointed, the 31-year-old left with her head held high.

But now, Samantha has nothing to lose.

This week, she returns to the relationship experiment to make sure Bryce’s wife Melissa knows the truth about him and an alleged secret girlfriend.

Samantha quit MAFS, but wanted to look out for the other brides

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While Bryce flatly denied the rumours about a girlfriend on the show, when Samantha was back home in Canberra, she started to hear otherwise – from three different sources.

One of them was a mutual friend, former Big Brother contestant Jason Roses – who was also master of ceremonies at Melissa and Bryce’s wedding.

“I was out for drinks with friends and Jason asked me, ‘Have you heard about this other girl Bryce is stringing along while he’s on the show? He’s doing the show just 
to bring exposure for his career,'” Samantha, 31, tells TV WEEK.

“That’s when I thought, ‘No, I’m not going to let what happened to me happen to Melissa – I’m going to go in and tell her exactly what I’ve heard, instead of her finding out after everyone else has.”

Samantha joined the girls’ night with something important to share.

(Credit: Nine Network)

At the girls’ night, Samantha duly tells Melissa who Bryce had reportedly been seeing.

“It was hard,” she admits, saying that she chose to say her piece in front of the group to prevent any gossip behind Melissa’s back.

“It’s harsh to hear when you’re in love with somebody. I told her that I’m upfront, and Melissa said she needed to go over it with Bryce and ask him about it in more depth.”

Since leaving the show, Samantha has enjoyed taking a break from the MAFS whirlwind, staying home and making up for lost time with her two young sons.

While she’d still love to find The One, Samantha says that she’s trying to lie low for now.

“I’ve just been focusing on work and the kids,” she says. “It’s not as if you’d just jump back on Tinder and give it a red-hot crack when you’re on MAFS.”

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