Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight's Cam reveals his new relationship post-show

''I'm seeing someone.''

By Laura Masia
The palpable chemistry between Coco and Cam was the talk of the last MAFS dinner party.
Sharing a steamy kiss before leaving the show, it was clear sparks were flying between the mismatched pair.
But although their time on screen has come to an end, fans are dying to know whether Coco and Cam are still together.
"I'm dating at the moment; I'm seeing someone," Cam, 32, reveals to TV WEEK.
The couple's lusty lip-lock had tongues wagging. Nine Network
While he's happy to share that he's off the market, the crane operator wouldn't say if he and Coco pursued a relationship after they left the show.
"I want to keep it separate," he says.
"That's the hardest thing now. You start a new relationship and people see me date on TV in current time, when actually it happened four months ago."
For Cam, a lot has changed since filming wrapped.
He escaped COVID lockdown in Victoria by moving to Queensland and tried to put MAFS behind him.
Cam admits that his time on TV has been hard to live down. Nine Network
But while his time on the show feels like history to him, reliving it with the rest of Australia has been difficult, especially with
the flak he's been getting online.
"It's not easy to go through," Cam says, admitting he still reads the things people write about him.
"I've been seeing the show's counsellor and psychologist. Whether you're portrayed as good or bad, you're always going to have people who hate on you."
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Coco didn't find what she was looking for in her relationship with Sam. Nine Network
Although Cam didn't have the typical MAFS experience, he won't be putting up his hand for another round at finding love on the show.
"I think I'm done with reality TV," he declares.

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