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MAFS reboot TV show announced: Love Triangle UK

Could you juggle two partners at once?
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Can’t get enough of Married At First Sight Australia? Neither can MAFS producers, as they made a brand new reality TV show for us to binge last year. Which the UK has now copied!

It’s just like MAFS, with a twist. What would happen if you added an extra person to the relationship?

If you thought the move-in week was bad with one couple, just wait till you see what goes on when another lover is added to the mix.

Love Triangle Australia season one poster.

(Image: Stan)

British E4 is who we have to thank for rebooting this drama-filled show, with six singles looking for love and choosing between two potential loves of their life.

Will they choose the partner who embodies their usual type or the partner who reflects what they need in a relationship?

Just to put the pressure on, the poor single only has 48 hours to pick who they want to date and move-in with.

The judges from Married At First Sight Australia.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Or so they think… as after they move-in together with their partner, the rejected suitor will get their revenge.

Distracting them with a blind date and making them move into a shared house, creating what you might call… a Love Triangle.

The question is, which partner will be left standing?

Love Triangle season one cast.

(Image: Stan)

UK Workerbee production company discussed how they based it on the Australian reality show,

“In this explosive new format, we’re asking six singles to try a very different approach to finding ‘the one’. The results are surprising, emotional, and dramatic. In Love Triangle, there are three sides to every story!”

“In the superficial world of modern dating, it’s all too easy to swipe away matches who could have been the love of our lives, if only we’d given them a chance.”

But will the contestants choose the right chance?

Love Triangle Australia season one drama unfolds.

(Image: Stan)

Can’t wait to watch the UK version? Don’t worry, as there’s already an Australian version of Love Triangle right under our noses.

With juicy quotes like:

“I’m ready to get out of this threesome that I was never invited to.”

“But that sexual chemistry and connection that I have with (no spoilers) is nothing like any of the guys I’ve ever dated.”

“I’m not confident I’m making the right decision.”

Catch up on the first season of Love Triangle on Stan, which has been renewed for a second season!

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