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Why Mishel’s speech as she dumped Steve had Married At First Sight fans cheering

“It's empowering to take back my strength, to take back my voice as a woman.”
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It had been a long and draining road to the final vows for some couples on Married At First Sight this season – including Steve Burley and Mishel Karen.

The pair shared a tumultuous marriage for much of their time in the experiment and at one point, Steve’s brutal confession to Mishel that he wasn’t attracted to her left her feeling humiliated and betrayed.

And even though Mishel had voted “stay” in the final commitment ceremony, she opted to walk away at the final vows after Steve declared his love for her, leaving Steve with no doubt as to why.

“I have felt the least attractive, least sensual I’ve ever felt in my whole life spending the time with you and listening to you remind me that you have no attraction,” she told him.

“It’s empowering to take back my strength, to take back my voice as a woman. I actually deserve someone that desires me and wants me.”

Throwing her wedding ring away, she added: “I’m very free now. I feel like, “Oh, drop the ring! I’m free!”‘

After Steve declared his love for Mishel, she threw her wedding ring away.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Fans watching the exchange at home were full of praise for the MAFS bride.

“Mishel’s final vows are the Julia Gillard misogyny speech of 2020 change my mind,” wrote one viewer.

Another added: “Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear cape dresses…


Mishel walked away with her head held high.

(Image: Channel Nine)

Others continued to cheer Mishel on from the sidelines, complimenting the reality star for discovering some respect for herself.

“So Mishel finally found her voice and self respect and by the look on his face kicked Steve in the nuts…how is he the only one that didn’t see that coming?” one fan wrote.

While Steve told Mishel on air that he wasn’t attracted to her, the Brit previously insisted to TV WEEK that he was actually quite fond of her.

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The barbershop owner explains that everything changed for him and Mishel in the space of just one hour during groom homestay week.

Steve describes how they had a “deep and meaningful” conversation when there were no cameras around.

“Our producer was on the phone downstairs in his car,” Steve explained. “Mishel just opened up to me about many things. It’s something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

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