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Married At First Sight’s cast for 2023 has been revealed and there’s even a celebrity in the mix

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After weeks of rumours and speculation, the cast of Married At First Sight 2023 have finally been revealed and all we can say is good luck, you poor singletons.

While the show – sorry, ‘experiment’ – is designed to pair up single cast members with their ideal match in a TV wedding, then guide them through the process of building a genuine and loving marriage, things rarely work out that way.

We’ve seen some amazing success stories with the likes of Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, as well as the slightly less popular Melissa Lawson and Bryce Ruthven, but most couples paired on the show find their romances fizzle out when the cameras stop rolling. That, or they crash and burn spectacularly on national television.

From cheating scandals to husbands and wives who just can’t stand each other, there’s always a few couples who go up in flames before the season is over.

Next year’s season is already in the works and reported in September that the new cast is packed with influencers, makeup gurus and style icons. And that’s just the brides!

While most of the cast have since set their social media pages to private, we’ve managed to get a peek at them before they went dark and have the details below.

Let’s meet the cast of Married At First Sight 2023.

(Image: Instagram)

Evelyn Ellis

Evelyn Ellis – Reality Television star

She is no stranger to television after appearing on Big Brother in the United Kingdom in 2016.

(Image: Instagram)

Layton Mills

Layton Mills, NSW – Reality television star

He has previously featured on Seven’s First Dates in 2016.

(Image: Instagram)

Harrison Boon

Harrison Boon, NSW – Stripper/ Construction worker

(Image: Instagram)

Bronte Schofield

Bronte Schofield, WA – Influencer

(Image: Instagram)

Rupert Bugden

Rupert Bugden, QLD – Electrician

(Image: Instagram)

Janelle Han

Janelle Han, WA – Makeup artist/TikTok star

(Image: Instagram)

Duncan James

Duncan James, NSW – Insurance broker

(Image: Facebook)

Claire Nomarhas

Claire Nomarhas, VIC – Childcare worker

(Image: Instagram)

Melinda Richelle Willis

Melinda Willis, QLD – Beautician

(Image: Instagram)

Lyndall Grace

Lyndall Grace, WA – Singer

(Image: Instagram)

Alyssa Barmonde

Alyssa Barmonde, NSW – Food Influencer

(Image: Instagram)

Shannon Adams

Shannon Adams, VIC – Personal trainer

(Image: Instagram)

Tahnee Cook

Tahnee Cook – Podcaster

(Image: Instagram)

Jesse Burford

Jesse Burford, WA – Rock star

(Image: Instagram)

Caitlin McConville

Caitlin McConville, QLD – Makeup artist

(Image: Instagram)

Cam Woods

Cam Woods, NT – Tradie

(Image: Who)

Joshua White

Joshua White, NSW – Marketing manager

(Image: Instagram)

Melissa Shephard

Melissa Shephard, NSW – Hairdresser

(Image: Instagram)

Adam Seed

Adam Seed, NSW – Hoist installer/Estate manager

(Image: Instagram)

Dan Hunjas

Dan Hunjas, QLD – Marketing agency owner

(Image: Southern Cross Austereo)

Oliver Skelton

Oliver Skelton, WA – Professional voice-over artist

(Image: Instagram)

Sandy Jawanda

Sandy Jawanda VIC – Dental therapist

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