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EXCLUSIVE: “He’s broken up with you, get over it, move on”: MAFS’ Domenica weighs in on Olivia’s dramatic split

“Put two and two together.”
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If Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco can agree on one thing, it’s that their season of Married At First Sight brought Channel Nine some significant viewership.

While hosting an Instagram Live on Monday, Olivia was adamant that her season of MAFS gave the dating show a boost after a few years of stagnant ratings.

Dom, meanwhile, tells Woman’s Day that her “captivating” season “had it all”.

An OnlyFans saga and glass smashing scandal will tend to have that effect.

The infamous glass smashing scandal got everyone talking.

(Image: Nine)

While the dust should surely be settling now, it looks like Olivia’s Instagram Live has reopened old wounds.

During the stream, the reality star answered questions about her recent breakup with Jackson, claims of producer favouritism during filming, and the infamous glass smashing scandal.

“I wish I had an in with the producers like other people did so I could be told what to do or say,” Olivia said during the Live, referencing Dom’s relationship with the network.

“She keeps ripping the Band-Aid off, but it’s not healing,” Dom tells Womans Day following the Live.

Domenica has shared her thoughts on Olivia’s claims.

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Of the many questions that paraded through the stream, the common theme was overwhelmingly… Jackson Lonie.

Fans were hungry for details of the breakup. Who did ‘the dumping’? Will Olivia stay subscribed to his OnlyFans following their split? “Probably, I like to support,” was the answer.

One repeated query struck a chord with the MAFS alum – the assumption that she was the victim of a breakup.

“Why does everyone think that I got dumped?” she asked. “What the f—k. Don’t assume you know anything. You’re not right but you’re not wrong. I’m not confirming anything; mind your business.”

WATCH: Olivia Frazer addresses fans after split with Jackson. Article continues after video

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When seeking Domenica’s perspective on Olivia’s Live, she suggested it was time for her former co-star to move on.

“I mean, he’s broken up with you, get over it, move on,” Dom tells us.

On Olivia’s refusal to confirm whether Jackson was the one to call things off, Dom says: “Well, I mean, it’s pretty classic Olivia. ‘Oh, why does everyone think Jackson broke up with me? But I’m not going to confirm or deny it’.

“Clearly if she was talking about getting engaged and being married and then next minute she’s broken up with… I mean, put two and two together.”

Despite fans’ eagerness for information about Jackson, it was Olivia’s claims that Dom was a “favourite” of the producers that prompted the MAFS star to respond.

“I think she needs to figure her sh-t out and stop talking crap because there was no such thing as having an ‘in’ with the producers,” she says, reiterating that, as far as she is concerned, the stars had access to their social media during filming.

“I got in trouble multiple times if I did things wrong,” she adds, vehemently denying claims of favouritism.

“For instance, I would go to Ella’s room when we weren’t allowed, or I got reprimanded because me and Ella were talking on the phone and we weren’t allowed to be doing that. There was no such thing as a favorable edit. I didn’t get any treatment. No one did. There was no such thing as preferable treatment.”

Olivia and Jackson recently announced their split.

(Image: Nine)

Considering she is blocked by the MAFS star, it is through Instagram DMs and fan encounters that Dom stays up to date with Olivia’s comments. Even as she is currently overseas in Paris, the reality star gets approached by the reality show’s fans.

“She’s blocked me but continues to talk about me because that’s all she has,” Dom insists.

“Literally build a bridge, get over it. Stay in your little world in the Central Coast. Stay there. Do your own thing. Leave me alone. Leave me out of it. I don’t understand why she’s so fixated on the whole thing. You know, it’s obviously because she knows that she f–ked up and she’s trying to back pedal.”

Spicy feud aside, Dom wants to sit down with Olivia to clear the air.

Dom is open to sitting down with Olivia and clearing the air.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’ve tried to reach out to her even though I have no way because she blocked me in every way, I’ve tried to reach out to her to have a proper conversation and to sit down. I’d like to sit down with her and talk. But she obviously clearly wants not a bar of it. Which is her prerogative.

“If I had the forum to chat with Olivia, I definitely would do it. I’ve got nothing against it. There are a lot of questions I still have for her. It wouldn’t be meant with animosity at all. I would like that chapter of my life to be closed.”

Woman’s Day have reached out to Olivia and Nine for comment.

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