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Fans are NOT impressed with MAFS’ Melissa and Bryce’s awkward jokes about the secret girlfriend bombshell

''Nobody is laughing.''
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Without a doubt, one of the biggest scandals to come from this season of Married At First Sight is that surrounding Bryce’s “secret girlfriend”.

Multiple revelations have been made throughout the show suggesting the groom had a romantic partner back in Canberra he was keeping hidden from wife Melissa.

The first fans heard of the mystery woman was from Beck Zemeck who revealed during a dinner party Bryce had spoken about sending her a gift while they were both in the gym.

Beck confronted Bryce over what he said to her.

(Channel Nine)

Next came during Melissa and Bryce’s hometown visit to Canberra whereby the bride flat-out asked his friends about the rumour.

When Melissa’s question was met with silence, alarm bells began blaring. Little did she know that after leaving, Bryce’s friends – unaware their microphones were still on – confirmed it to be true.

The latest drama began during girls night when Samantha, who was a mutual friend of Bryce’s friend Jason, returned and dropped the bombshell on Melissa once again.

“I was out for drinks with friends and Jason asked me, ‘Have you heard about this other girl Bryce is stringing along while he’s on the show? He’s doing the show just to bring exposure for his career,'” Samantha, 31, recently told TV WEEK.

Melissa was in tears over Samantha’s revelation.

(Channel Nine)

Despite all of this Bryce has denied the rumours and Melissa has stood by his side.

In a twist that has baffled fans further, both the bride and groom took to Instagram last night to make a joke out of the situation.

“Hey @lissrawson, did you find your gift to take back to Sydney? 🎁 #MAFS” Bryce shared on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Melissa echoed a similar statement on her account: “Telling Bryce he’s not allowed to buy gifts for any women ever again because it might mean he’s dating them 🤣 #MAFS.”

While comments have been deactivated on all of the MAFS‘ stars’ pages, gossip site So Dramatic! shared the pictures on their account – and they were met with disbelief.

“Nobody is laughing. #insulttodoormats,” one fan wrote.

“This is almost as funny as his stand up routine 😬,” another added.

“Stockholm Syndrome anyone?!????? Melissa wake up,” a third chimed in.

Melissa has refused to believe all accusations against Bryce.

(Channel Nine)

There have been many questions about this year’s contestants’ level of control over their accounts, some fans suggesting they don’t write their own captions.

However, Beck recently cleared up any confusion over the matter during a radio interview, revealing that while Channel Nine control their social media, the stars still do the writing.

“Channel Nine actually control our socials,” Beck revealed to 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

“They send us maybe one, two or three photos and ask us to write captions. But we get them before the episode even airs so we have no idea.”

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