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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS Bryce Ruthven speaks out about his building feud with Sam Carraro

''I didn't attack Sam personally – I've attacked his actions on the couch.''
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Bryce’s comments about his wife Melissa’s appearance left her, and viewers, reeling. But now that the radio announcer is watching himself on Married At First Sight, he says he’s full of regret.

“It was definitely a poor choice of words,” Bryce, 31, admits to TV WEEK.

“If I could rewind the honeymoon, I’d choose my words a bit better. I have a habit of speaking before I think. It’s a personality trait I need to work on.”

Bryce’s outspokenness often lands him in hot water. And as he watched Sam grill Coco during the commitment ceremony, he decided he just couldn’t sit back and watch it unfold without making his opinion known.

Bryce’s candid assessment of Melissa hurt her feelings.

(Credit: Nine Network)

“Jake, Cameron, Jason and I were all looking across from each other with raised eyebrows, being like, ‘We’ve got to stand up for this chick’,” he recalls.

“I said, ‘Mate, I’ve got to stop you – you sound like a d–khead right now.’ I never said, ‘You’re a d–khead.’ There’s a vast difference, and Sam 
took it the wrong way.”

As the week went on, whispers of conflict spread around the group.

Bryce knows his honesty sometimes gets the better of him.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Heading into the dinner party this week, Bryce says he was ready to clear the air, but you won’t believe the fiery things he says at the get-together.

“My intention was just to clarify it, and point out the fact that I didn’t attack Sam personally – I’ve attacked his actions on the couch,” he expains.

But while Bryce claims nothing he said about Sam was intended to be personal, he’s clearly no fan of 
the outspoken groom.

“What we see with Sam is about 10 different personalities,” he says. “So across the time of the [relationship] experiment, I’m sure we’re going to meet all of them.”

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