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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Bryce and Melissa reveal plans for their own reality show

Babies, a real wedding and their own reality show is on the way for MAFS' most controversial couple...
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They’re the most talked-about couple 
to ever appear on Married At First Sight, but chatting to Woman’s Day just days after declaring 
their love for each other 
at the final commitment ceremony, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson are ready to start their new chapter – and their fans could be coming along for the ride!

“We’re actually in talks to have our own reality show,” Bryce, 31, reveals.

“That’s what we’re looking at doing.”

The couple reveal there have been discussions around doing a Cam and Jules-style wedding special, and perhaps something 
even more substantial.

“It’d be amazing to showcase why we love each other so much and who we are as people outside of the show because we’re just two normal people, and maybe 
we weren’t supposed to be together but we’ve overcome all the odds,” Melissa, 
31, adds.

Big plans: The controversial couple say they’re in talks to secure their own reality TV show.

(Image: Are Media)

While reality TV may not always be exactly as we see it, the pair insist that their love is real.

Although many viewers 
have appealed for Melissa to get out of what they perceive as a “toxic” relationship, she assures us she’s exactly where 
she wants to be.

To celebrate their romance, the couple even got matching tattoos.

(Image: Are Media)

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m in a loving, safe and committed relationship with Bryce, and I’m in love! And besides, I’m a grown woman – I would have walked away long ago if I didn’t feel safe,” she says.

Now living together in Melbourne, the pair are wasting no time in planning out their life, with 
Bryce already spotted looking for a ring – 
”I’ve been ransacking the house trying to find it!” says Melissa – and a baby well and truly underway.

The couple are now living together in Melbourne and say kids are on the horizon.

(Image: Channel Nine)

“We’d be lying if 
we said we weren’t trying,” says Bryce.

Adds Melissa, “I never saw myself having kids, but it’s definitely 
a step in the right direction for 
us and it’s something 
I’m looking forward to.”

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