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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Bryce and Melissa reveal their wedding and baby plans

''There'll be a proposal – and the wedding won't be too far after that.''
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They may be the most controversial couple on Married At First Sight, but Bryce and Melissa want the world to know they’re happy.

“After watching what’s happened on the experiment, people are going to find it hard to believe we’ve actually worked out,” Bryce, 32, tells TV WEEK.

“When you go through a unique experiment, you either go south or north, and it’s obviously worked for us. Hopefully, people accept that we’re very happy together and accept the relationship for what it is.”

For Melissa, dealing with the public backlash over her relationship has been difficult.

“It does feel like it’s us against the world,” the 32-year-old admits.

“There’s not a lot of positivity about our relationship out there. But we’re not letting people’s opinions about our relationship dictate us.”

They were all smiles at Bryce and Melissa’s wedding but many viewers didn’t like what they saw next.

(Credit: Nine Network)

With the final vows coming up this week, there’s little mystery surrounding Bryce and Melissa’s decision – especially after he revealed to KIIS FM breakfast-radio show Kyle And Jackie O that the couple are loved-up and still very much together six months after filming their wedding.

“I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to continue the relationship with Liss,” Bryce shares.

When Melissa revealed she felt the same during final vows, Bryce says it was “the happiest day of my life”.

Despite their optimism about their future, there’s no ignoring the elephant in the room: the accusations by MAFS viewers that Bryce and Melissa’s relationship is toxic.

Worried audience members created an online petition alleging Melissa was subject to “gaslighting, emotional manipulation, isolation and countless textbook signs of a controlling or abusive relationship” and that the show failed to provide a duty of care.

Although more than 10,000 people have signed the petition, Melissa firmly rejects its claims.

Bryce and Melissa want people to know they’re the real deal

(Credit: Nine Network)

“We’ve been told our relationship is unhealthy, but I would forcefully deny that,” Melissa says.

“While I haven’t had a lot of relationships, we love each other so much and are exactly like any other normal couple. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever had in my life.”

Aside from the negativity, the pair are going strong and are keen to put their chapter on national television behind them.

“There’s no secret, we just spoke about getting engaged and married for real,” Bryce says. “Within the next year, I definitely say there’ll be a proposal – and the wedding won’t be too far after that.”

With their MAFS wedding done and dusted, the couple have already noted some things they’re keen to change

for their real wedding.

“We’re only going to have steak and chicken at the wedding – no fish,” Bryce says, Melissa adding that “neither of us are seafood people” and that she’s keen for a different look on her wedding day.

“I wouldn’t wear a big, puffy tulle dress ever again,” she says. “Especially when it catches fire – there were candles lining the aisle, so the bottom of my dress is all burnt and singed.”

If they tie the knot for real, the couple say they’re excited at the prospect of “starting a family together”.

“We’re not getting any younger, so we want to look at that sooner rather than later,” Bryce says.

“I think we’ll be staying together forever. Well, hopefully – I don’t want to let her go!”

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