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EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Irvin responds to the claims Troy Delmege is a 35-year-old virgin

The bubbly bride opens up about her TV hubby's eccentric behaviour and those V-plate allegations.
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Married at First Sight groom Troy Delmege, 35, has been the subject of shock claims by his sister – that he’s still a “virgin”. And his TV bride Ashley Irvin has admitted it’s a possible explanation for her eccentric groom’s behaviour.

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“It explains a lot,” says the 28-year-old Queensland flight attendant, who has resisted all her hubby’s attempts at intimacy on the show.

“I’d say that nails it,” she says. “If you look at how he is with women, how he tries to massage me, the clumsy kisses and him dropping the ‘L’ bomb way too soon, it all fits.”

However, Ashley admits she feels for Troy. “He must be mortified. I would be if I was called a 35-year-old virgin,” says Ash. “I don’t know if she was joking because I never got the chance to meet her, as I believe they’re estranged. But it’s still embarrassing. I feel sorry for him.”

This week sees the couple trying their best to make their marriage work, but Ash says it’s hanging by a thread. “We’ve all seen that Troy is very eccentric and that often tips over into weird,” she says.

“I’m also still really upset about him talking about us having sex on the show,’ Ashley admits. “I almost left then and I rang my sister in tears. I definitely didn’t appreciate what I heard.”

If the union doesn’t last, Ashley says she’d welcome a chance to return next season. “I’ll do anything to find my soulmate,” she says.

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