Married At First Sight

Troy Delmege tells: "I want to be a game show host"

If Troy has his way, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him on TV.

By Helen Vnuk
Andrew O'Keefe and Grant Denyer, you'd better watch out. Troy is coming for your job.
The Married At First Sight groom says he "definitely" has his eye on a career in media once the show finishes airing. Top of his list would be "a game show host, or maybe a presenter on one of the morning shows".
He says hosts such as Glenn Ridge, Tony Barber and John Burgess are all "really classy" people that he's looked up to.
"I definitely admire some of the great ones from years ago, so potentially, for sure."
Troy, 34, from NSW, currently works in account management for an IT company.
"I do like what I do, but I would like a bit of a change sometime soon," he says.
But he insists he didn't apply for MAFS just to kickstart a TV career. In fact, he didn't apply for the show at all.
"I actually just got pulled off the street," he explains. "I was just walking out of work one day and a girl just came up to me and asked me if I was single."
Troy had never seen the show before he started filming.
"I think that was probably to my advantage," he adds.

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