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Partner swaps galore! The biggest cheating scandals to ever rock Married At First Sight

They're the affairs that will go down in reality TV history.
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Every season of Married At First Sight, we wait with bated breath to see if another explosive cheating scandal will unravel.

In the past few years, it’s become almost inevitable that at least one contestant will spark up a romance with another bride or groom.

So in case you were distracted by the dramatic mess that is MAFS‘ current season, we’ve rounded up all the affairs, couple swaps and cheating scandals that have made headlines through the years.

Dean and Davina were the first contestants to ever cheat on their spouses.

(Image: Nine)

Davina Rankin and Dean Wells – season five

While cheating scandals seem part and parcel with MAFS nowadays, in the show’s early seasons, the contestants never had so much as a wandering eye.

But when Davina Rankin and Dean Wells met at one of season five’s dinner parties, the experiment’s first ever cheating scandal started brewing.

Despite being paired with their respective partners, Tracey Jewel and Ryan Gallagher, Dean and Davina snuck away from a dinner party to spend alone time together, unbeknownst to their on-screen partners or the other contestants.

“I want to kiss you so bad,” Davina repeatedly told Dean in private, kicking off the explosive affair.

Dean was paired up with single mother Tracey Jewel.

(Image: Nine)

“There is that fire in the belly with Davina that I haven’t had with Tracey,” Dean then explained to the cameras.

Dean and Davina agreed to leave their respective partners and requested to continue the experiment together, but it all fell apart when Dean got cold feet and back-pedalled.

He announced “the affair” at a shocking commitment ceremony, and promised renewed commitment to his bride, Tracey, leaving Davina exposed and utterly blindsided.

Despite trying to convince Ryan to stay in the experiment, Davina ultimately chose to walk away, much to Ryan’s relief.

“Well, I figured I haven’t put you through enough hell yet,” she began, alluding to a “stay” decision. “You’re going to hate me,” she joked before saying, “I’m kidding! I’m leaving.”

In 2022 during her stint on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, Davina recounted the experience, adding: “People are shocked to hear that me and Dean never slept together, we never even kissed! How can I have an affair with someone that I’ve never spent time with?”

“There were other people within the series that were fooling around with each other and stuff like that but production would not let that go to air because they already had a narrative. There’s no way anyone else is the villain or any other scandal is happening except for this scandal that’s playing out.”

Ines and Sam spent the night together in a hotel room.

(Image: Nine)

Ines Basic and Sam Ball – season six

Ines Basic had her eyes firmly on Sam Ball from season six’s very first dinner party, so it was no huge surprise when the pair engaged in a sordid affair.

Sam failed to connect with his on-screen wife Elizabeth Sobinoff, while Ines made no effort to hide her disdain for her husband Bronson Norrish.

After a nightmare honeymoon, Ines secretly contacted the Sydney-based tradie via social media.

Things quickly turned flirty at a dinner party with the former legal aid worker exclaiming: “If Sam doesn’t show up and he’s left the experiment, I’m done.”

Ines and Sam didn’t go the distance.

(Image: Nine)

The pair eventually enjoyed a steamy sleepover in a hotel room, but at the next dinner party, gossip began to circulate about their romance.

Ines continued to deny the affair to the group, and told the cameras that she and Sam had made a pact not to reveal anything to the group.

The same night, Ines and Sam snuck off together for some time away from the rest of the group. But as they discussed their future together outside the show, Sam got cold feet.

In the ultimate messy twist, Sam left Ines on the show when he decided to leave the show for good. To add insult to injury, Sam stood Ines up at the reunion show, leaving her heartbroken.

Jess and Dan re-entered the experiment as a new couple after ditching their original spouses.

(Image: Nine)

Jess Power and Dan Webb – season six

Another infamous affair to play out on season six was the trainwreck that was Jess Power and Dan Webb.

Jess was originally paired with Mick Gould, but while the down-to-earth farmer tried his best to form a connection with his bride, the two never hit it off.

Dan, on the other hand, entered the show as an intruder with his match Tamara Joy. Despite initially having some chemistry, their romance quickly fizzled out.

At the next dinner party, Jess wasted no time in sparking up a flirtatious conversation with Dan. To pursue her budding relationship with Dan, Jess continued to write ‘stay’, much to the dismay of Mick, who wanted nothing more than to leave the show.

Eventually Jess and Dan came clean to the group about their romance at an explosive commitment ceremony, and Mick and Tamara were sent home.

Jess and Dan broke up on live TV.

(Image: Nine)

In a MAFS first that will go down in reality TV history, Jess and Dan were allowed to re-enter the experiment together as a brand new couple.

But just when we thought Jess and Dan’s relationship couldn’t get more explosive – the pair eventually went on to break up on live TV.

Their appearance on Channel Nine’s sister show, Talking Married, came directly after the bombshell finale episode that saw them relive their journey together throughout the series.

Dan saw for the first time that Jessika had also propositioned fellow contestant Nic Jovanovic, to no avail.

When discussing their trust issues, Jess decided not to respond and looked deadpan at the camera while ignoring all of Dan’s questions. Safe to say, it has to be one of the most awkward moments to ever play out while live on air.

Coco and Cam shared a passionate kiss after several secret meet-ups.

(Image: Nine)

Coco Stedman and Cameron Dunne – season eight

Coco Stedman and Cameron Dunne bonded after failing to find a connection with their own respective spouses, Sam Carraro and Samantha Harvey.

The pair then continued to meet up several times in private, before eventually sharing a passionate kiss in Cameron’s apartment.

Coco and Sam as well as Cam and his wife Samantha opted to leave the experiment shortly afterwards but denied they had anything more than a personal connection.

At the show’s reunion, Coco and Cameron eventually admitted that they had met up and slept together after the show ended.

Cameron admitted what he did was cheating, saying: “There’s a lot that went on. And there is someone else to consider, so it would be cheating.”

Coco and Cam met up after the experiment, but their romance didn’t last.

(Image: Nine)

However Coco insisted she hadn’t been unfaithful to Sam, saying: “I don’t think I cheated on Sam, no. Do I think I was deceitful to Samantha? Yes.”

When asked by the experts if it was worth it, Coco responded: “Nup”.

Cameron explained: “We caught up, yeah. I wasn’t gonna leave it alone, so, I mean, it didn’t go far, that got in the way. I moved to Queensland, and it just, kind of, disappeared, really.”

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