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Calling all selfie masters, Budgy Smuggler enthusiasts and bikini wearers: Love Island Australia is taking applications for season 3

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Imagine this: You’ve packed perhaps too many bikinis, four different eyeshadow palettes and enough crop tops to make a ball gown.

You are about to walk into the villa, and you hear a low-raspy and a little bit bogan voice call your name.

It’s Sophie Monk, and she’s your blonde bombshell guardian angel coming to you with the promise of summer love.

That’s exactly (well, a dramatised version) what could be in your very glamorous future as Love Island Australia is back for its third season and it’s ready for you to ditch your day job and join an island full of sexy singles just like you.

Sophie Monk knows what’s good for you.

(Credit: Nine)

Last year the show was axed because of strict Covid restrictions, and this year because overseas travel is pretty much off the table, the show has picked one very apt Aussie location to host the show.

Channel Nine has revealed that the show will take place on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

The ill fated season one winners Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir.

(Credit: Nine)

Love Island may have originated in the UK, but in its two Aussie seasons there has been plenty of drama.

The first season was met with controversy when it was revealed that Grant Crapp, who won the show with Tayla Damir, had a girlfriend on the outside.

Merely weeks after the couple left the villa, they called it quits, and Tayla spoke to Who Magazine about the split.

“I had to take some time to deal with it how I wanted to, and I’ve come out the other side. Don’t get me wrong, there were days where I wasn’t OK, where I was crying and going home to my mum and dad, asking for help. It was a break-up and you go through the emotions of it all,” said Tayla.

Season one also featured Eden Dally, who has gone on to find love with another reality TV star from Married At First Sight, Cyrell Paule and the couple have since welcomed their son, Boston.

Season two winners Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy.

(Credit: Nine)

The second season of Love Island ended on a smoother note, with islanders Josh Packham and Anna McEvoy taking out the title.

Although the couple made things work for a lot longer than the season one winners, the two called it off in November last year and took to Instagram to announce the sad news.

“It is with great sadness that Josh and I are going our separate ways,” Anna revealed in a typed statement.

“I know that so many of you are invested in our relationship but please know we did everything we could to make it work.

“It’s extremely difficult to break up with someone who you still love but it is the right thing to do. Please respect our privacy and thank you for the ongoing love and support.”

Josh Moss and Amelia Plummer may not have won the show but they are the shows most successful couple.

(Credit: Instagram)

But fret not! The show does have a successful couple, and they are Josh Moss and Amelia Marni.

In fact, their relationship is going so well fans are expecting an engagement announcement.

However, maybe fans need to wait a little longer because the couple told Insider Voice last year that they aren’t in any rush.

Covid has made dating impossible so maybe it’s time for the reality TV gods to do the work.

(Credit: Nine)

“A lot of people always ask us, ‘When are you getting married or having kids?’ But I’m 24 and not ready! You wouldn’t ask your friends who have been in a relationship for one year those questions,” Amelia added to Josh’s comments.

“There’s also the pressure of seeing other reality TV couples who are having a baby. getting married, or moving in together… everyone wants you to progress quickly.

“As long as you don’t compare yourself to another reality TV couple – we just focus on ourselves and it’s okay.”

Sick of the lousy post-Covid dating scene? If you feel like the Love Island journey could be right for you, click this link.

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