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Love Island Australia: Islanders recouple, lonely hearts given the boot

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The first coupling ceremony

The fourth season of Love Island Australia is finally here and boy, was the first episode explosive!

First of all, the coupling process was different to previous seasons of Love Island. Host Sophie Monk gave the women, Claudia, Stella, Jessica, Layla, Holly and Phoebe, a chance to ask the men, Conor, Andre, Austen, Mitchell and Jordan, a few questions first, before they paired off.

Then the ladies quickly realised after speaking to the boys that there weren’t enough to go around; there only being five male contestants but six female contestants. This led to Holly being left without a partner once everyone else ‘coupled up’.

The first couples of the season were Claudia and Jordan, Phoebe and Mitchell, Jessica and Conor, Layla and Austen and Stella and Andre. And, as already mentioned, Holly was left out in the cold…

Holly was left without a partner once everyone else ‘coupled up’. However, she was given the chance to steal someone’s partner…

(Credit: Nine Network)

But she was given the chance to steal one of the men and start a new couple; an opportunity she, of course, took. Before revealing which man she was going to steal though, Holly explained:

”So I’d like to couple up with this beautiful boy because he’s shown me a really genuine soul which is what I am looking for.”

She then shared who she was going to steal and said, ”The boy I would like to couple up with is…Jordan”.

This meant Jordan’s original partner, Claudia, was now left without a partner.

Holly chose to steal Jordan from Claudia; a decision he didn’t look completely thrilled about…

(Credit: Nine Network)

Claudia instantly recieved a text and read it out loud to the group: ”Claudia, you are now single and must leave the Villa. Please pack your bags and say goodbye to our fellow Islands”.

Everyone looked absolutely shocked; Jessica started crying and Andre voiced what we all were thinking, “What the f**k?!”

It’ll be interesting to see whether there will be any fallout between Holly and Jordan, now that Holly’s somewhat responsible for sending Claudia – Jordan’s first choice – home.

But things move quickly in the Love Island villa – on the second day, Claudia made a surprising return, bringing not one, but two male intruders with her!

Claudia was immediately elimated from Love Island after Holly stole Jordan from her…

(Credit: Nine Network)

The first to be eliminated: Andre

The second week in the villa, saw the first official elimination of the season!

Although Stella had been with Andrew from the get-go…she made a surprising decision.

”I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him, and I do believe he’s here for the right reasons. So the boy I’d like to couple up with, is…”

After breaking down in tears, she picked Jordan, sending Andrew home after just a few days in the villa.

Andre was disappointed to be the first islander to be sent home, but left with his head held high, telling Stella that whilst it was ”tough”, she had to do what she did.

”You couldn’t have picked a better bloke [in Jordan] honestly.”

The recoupling ceremony also saw bombshells Callum and Tak choose Layla and Tak before the original islander ladies had their turn.

Phoebe choose Mitch, Claudia choose Austen and Jessica picked Conor.

Love Island Australia continues Monday – Thursday exclusively on 9NOW.

Hearts were broken…

(Image: Nine)

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