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Your first look at Love Island Australia’s sexy contestants

If you think this lot are crazy wait until you see the rest...
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From a famous football star to Justin Bieber’s party girl, Love Island Australia has not disappointed with their line-up of sexy singletons.

And that’s before they’ve even arrived in their Spanish villa for a summer of sun, sex, and, er, sex.

Now, meet four of the very beautiful faces you’re about to become obsessed with – and don’t forget to grab a copy of this week’s NW to meet the rest of the cast and find out their secrets….

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Introducing footy star Charles

As a professional Australian Rugby Union player with 12 years’ experience on the field and a massive fan base, including 177,000 Instagram followers, Charles is a celebrity before even stepping foot on Love Island. But he’s not one to boast.

“I’m not your stereotypical rugby player. I am really humble about rugby. I don’t even talk about rugby,” he says, before bringing the ‘R-word’ up an estimated 27,028 more times during our interview.

“I’ve got to a point now where I want to look at other interests. To be a rugby player, you’ve got to be 100 per cent committed, and there was a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety. It was doing my head in with people telling me I wasn’t committed enough and I just thought, ‘I want to live my life – I’m 22, I don’t want to spend the next 10 years being told what to do.'”

Charles is committed to finding love in the villa!

Just don’t expect him to blab about what he does back home. “When I go out and meet new girls and they ask what I do, I don’t even say rugby half the time,” he explains. “Most of the time I say I’m a tradesman or I do a bit of acting or personal training. It’s never rugby. I don’t talk or associate with it much… most of my best mates don’t even play rugby.”

Charles may not be fazed by his career, but his potential match has a lot to live up to.

“If I meet a girl who’s, like, 27 or 28 and she’s got nothing going on in her life, she doesn’t have any goals and hasn’t really accomplished anything – like studied at uni – [then I won’t be into her].” Ouch!


It’s Justin Bieber’s party girl Natasha

Watch out, boys! Natasha definitely knows how to catch a boy’s eye – after all, having lapped up the attention of Justin Bieber while he was touring Down Under.

When asked about her tryst with Biebs the model insists, “Oh, er, that’s nothing…”


We quickly learn that talking about Natasha’s past is off limits. When we ask about her history of dating millionaires and generally living the high life, she responds, “It’s not something I want to talk about.”

In fact, there seems to be a lot that Tash, who boasts more than 100,000 Instagram followers, doesn’t want to talk about. When NW asks her whether she’s had any plastic surgery, she snaps back, “I don’t want to talk about it. Yeah, I have fake boobs, but can we pass on this?” Noted.

What Tash is willing to chat about, though, is falling in love – which she hopes happens on Love Island.

“I’m excited, nervous and can’t wait to get into the villa now. I’m hoping to meet the love of my life, you know? Someone to stay with forever,” she gushes.

“They did ask what type of guy I’d like to meet so hopefully they’ve chosen that for me.”

And if not, she’s just happy to leave with some new mates. “I’m nice and get along with everybody and hopefully I come out with a couple of new girlfriends too.”


Eden is ready to get locked up in the villa

If you’re hoping for a bit of X-rated action from our Islanders, look no further than Eden! When the prison officer isn’t screaming at his male inmates at work, he’s, er, unleashing that built-up testosterone in the bedroom.

“I don’t use apps to meet girls,” he boasts to NW before revealing his unusual pick-up techniques. “I’ll go to a bar, pick a table and just make eye contact with girls and they’ll then come over.”

“I don’t approach them because I don’t want to seem keen, so they’ll come up and say, ‘How come you haven’t come over to talk to me?'” the muscle man continues.

“Without sounding cocky, all I have to do is get some nice clothes on, spray of the perfume and sit there.” And from that point, it’s straight back to his pad to seal the deal.

“I stopped keeping a tally [of girls I’ve slept with] at 100, but let’s just say it’s high up there. I’ll never go back to their place, though – I hate that.”

When asked if he’s constantly stuck doing laundry to provide fresh sheets for his revolving door of lady visitors, he laughs, “I just put a towel down on the couch – it’s very handy. That couch has seen some things.”

Of course, it goes without saying he’s hoping on becoming the first lad to christen the villa.


Perth babe Tayla is ready for love

“I’m going to go in there and keep my morals,” Tayla, who was a Miss Universe Australia finalist in 2015 and 2018, declares to NW while discussing the raunchy sex scenes that have made the UK version of Love Island a success. “But I could fall madly in love with somebody and if it feels right…”

However, the beauty queen has some very specific traits she’s looking for in a man before she even contemplates any fun in the Spanish sun.

“I very much go for blondes with blue eyes, confident not cocky, they need to keep fit and healthy and, because I have a dramatic side, I need someone that’ll say to me, ‘The world is not coming to an end and you’re overreacting,'” Tay reveals.

And if there’s no-one ticking those boxes in the villa? “I just have to be true to myself and literally say on TV that these guys are s**t!”

When it comes to coupling up, Tay also states that her family needs to approve any bloke she dares to bring home. “My nan would prefer me to be with somebody who’s Christian,” she explains.

“But most of my other family members have married into different religions and they’re still alive. So I think I’ll survive if I don’t go that way.”

On the topic of survival, dramatic Tayla explains she’s had a, er, “near-death experience” once before.

“Lip filler saved my life,” she claims, as our chat turns to cosmetic surgery. “I’m very honest and I had uneven lips – but not now because of the filler. I’m open to that and I’m happy for it to be written about.”

Thanks, Tayla, we’ll do just that!

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Don’t forget to grab a copy of this week’s NW to meet the whole cast (and also read our hilar interview with Sophie Monk!)

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