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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Adam reveals why the hideaway broke him and Cartier up

''You don't get any time to yourself!''
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If you are anything like us, then watching Adam walk out the doors of the Love Island villa on Thursday night’s episode broke you.

After his former flame Cartier was asked to choose between him and his BFF Matt, the 19-year-old put the past (and the cutest coupling in LI history) behind her – to see what might happen with Matt.

In an exclusive chat with Now To Love, Adam spills on what really happened in the “Hideaway” and what he thinks of Matt and Cartier’s coupling.

Now To Love: We’re devastated to see you go, Adam! How did it feel when Cartier chose Matt over you?

Adam: As bad as it would sound, it was a good thing. I felt I was happy. I was happy that she [Cartier] had an opportunity in there to make a more of a connection with Matt before the end.

Do you think that they’re just clinging together to stay on the island longer?

No, well, I couldn’t really comment on that. But at the start I know they definitely had an attraction to each other. Cartier actually had told me that she would of stepped forward for Matthew at the beginning, that she had a bit of a connection with him, but Vanessa, you know… Vanessa scared her away.

I think there was something there at the start. But Cartier is the type of girl that if you’re with her she’s only going to give you the attention. When Cartier was with me her eyes weren’t anywhere else.

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Cartier’s decision sent Adam home in the most emotional coupling ceremony yet.

(Source: Channel 9)

But you guys were so good together!

We were. We were really good together but you know, as time goes on sometimes things change.

Being in the villa, you can’t compare it to anything else. It’s actually…it’s crazy. It really is crazy, you don’t get any time to yourself, you literally are living out of each other’s pockets from the moment you meet each other.

Was that the downfall of your relationship?

Yeah, massively. And I let it go a little bit too long without having time to myself over the time, so it was just like a big build up, like you know, it was massive.

What actually happened in the Hideaway?

When we went to the hideaway we finally got that alone time that we wanted to hang out by ourselves and even when it was just Cartier and I, our chats just weren’t there.

It was just really, I don’t know…like stale. Our one on one time just from being in the villa for so long with each other, and even when we got away, Cartier was still sort of reserved.

It’s very very difficult to let all your walls down inside a villa that’s full of cameras, and eyes, and people watching you know what I mean?

Adam left the villa after Cartier chose his best mate, Matt.

(Source: Channel 9)

From the outside, it was a bit of a shock when it ended between you two because all of a sudden it was over.

Yeah I’ve been told it looks like that but I feel as if that’s how relationships go in real life. It was as real as it gets.

Yeah it did [go stale]. That was a big part. That one on one time makes or breaks you because that’s what it’s going to be when you get out of here.

You said you wouldn’t go to church with Cartier in the bike challenge. How do you really feel about her being a Christian?

It’s not a big thing for me. You can do whatever you want. If you’re into it, you’re into that sort of stuff you know. That’s just the way I am, I’m open minded. If that’s what you’re into, that’s what you’re into.

You have the support of the entire country. Have you seen much of social media yet?

I’m taken back I am, I really am. Look, with the support that I’ve got – It’s crazy. But, you know, it’s this thing, people jump on board and rally together for you.

I went in there, I wasn’t going to change and as hard as it is to tell people things like ‘it might not work’, or say exactly what I want and what I feel.

You can be the bad guy for saying it but, it all works out. If you say nothing, it hurts them. If you say something, it still hurts them – but at least you’re being true to yourself and honest, and open.

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If you could go back into the villa, what would you do differently? Would you try to make it work with someone else?

If I had my time again in the villa I would do exactly the same thing. Like Cartier was obviously the girl I had chosen and got along with the most, but like, I went on a date with Anna, I went on a date with Phoebe, like they’re all good girls.

Everyone else that came through, they didn’t really jump out at me.

What has the experience taught you?

I went in there with a type of what I thought I wanted, and come out with a new outlook.

Obviously, the type of girl that I’m going to be going for now and getting to know – she’s like the complete opposite end of what I’ve ever done in my life.

I’ve also learnt a lot about myself. I figured out what I do wrong in relationships. I went in there in the first couple of days, Cassie obviously lured me up and told me I got s–t communication skills.

So, you know I’ve worked on that and I reckon I’ve left with some pretty good ones.

Cartier and Adam went their separate ways after their chat went “stale”.

(Source: Channel 9)

What are you looking for in a girl now?

I’m looking a person that has traits that Cartier has.

Like I’m still…I’m going to put her at the top of my list. I’m just looking for someone with a little bit more life experience that you know, is up to the same stage as me.

I’m talking about travelling and you know, with a few more relationships under their belt, and just life itself.

I’ve gone through a fair bit in my life and it’s made me who I am and I just want to try find a girl who’s got a bit more. . .who’s just done a bit more things.

Who do you think is going to win?

I’m going to put my money on Josh and Anna to take the title. They’re really good together. When you’re in the villa you understand. I definitely believe that it was portrayed the same for the people watching.

What’s next for you?

I can’t wait to just get home and see my family to be honest. I can’t wait to see my mum, see my friends.

Just get in a house that’s got no cameras, that’s got no people watching you, that’s got no mic hanging off your neck. You know, just try to be as normal as I can be. Really that’s what I can’t wait to get into.

Love Island Australia airs weeknights at 8:40pm on Channel Nine.

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