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LEGO Masters Miller and Kaitlyn confirm shock new relationship

''We fell in love on LEGO Masters!!''
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When Miller and Kaitlyn signed up for Hamish Blake’s reality series LEGO Masters, little did they know they’d meet their perfect match.

Towards the end of filming, the pair realised they had a mutual attraction – and TV WEEK can reveal they’ve been dating ever since!

“I liked Kaitlyn from the start, but had no idea she felt the same,” Miller, 20, reveals. “I was just playing it cool I guess.”

Miller says it wasn’t till after filming things really took off between them.

“We kept hanging out after Kaitlyn got eliminated [but] just as friends. Then [fellow contestant] Cade sent me a text saying, ‘Dude, she’s into you!'”

Miller and Kaitlyn didn’t expect to find love on LEGO Masters

Kaitlyn tells TV WEEK she was scared to put her feelings out there out of fear it would “mess up” their relationship. Now she is grateful Cade intervened, admitting she and Miller “clicked instantly”.

“I found he was always really fun to be around and we were always laughing and have a good time,” Kaitlyn gushes. “We could always find something to talk about. I guess having the mutual love of LEGO and games, it was easy to hang out with him.”

Miller adds, “We got along well really quickly. She has a really good sense of humour and she’s obviously stunning!”

The newest lovebirds on the block.

The pair – who both live in Melbourne – have been dating for five months and have even met each other’s parents But have they said the ‘L’ word?

“Maybe!” both offer with a laugh.

Miller says he’d be open to moving in with Kaitlyn “if everything worked out”.

“Obviously it’s very early on in the relationship and we’re just seeing how things go,” he justifies.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn says they’re working on a LEGO project together. And we can’t wait to see it!

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