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Lego Masters couple Kaitlyn and Miller are still together

They found love in a Lego-filled place.
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While it’s obviously not a reality dating show, it turns out Lego Masters has unwittingly had some major success at creating a beautiful real-life romance.

Two of the contestants from 2019’s debut season, Miller Keyes and Kaitlyn Lee, surprised both viewers and their fellow contestants last year when they revealed they had officially become a couple.

The pair hit it off behind the scenes on the show, despite entering the competition as separate halves of different teams.

And now as the second season of Lego Masters kicks off, hosted by Hamish Blake and judge Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, we thought we’d check in with these lovebirds to see if they’re still going strong.

Thankfully, love is not dead, and these two are still happily together.

The pair have even tagged each other’s Instagram handles in their bios, making it clear they are taken, with Miller’s reading: “Enchanted by @ktlynl_“, tagging Kaitlyn’s account.

Each of their feeds are littered with adorable couple pics, including some happy snaps from their travels together overseas.

These two cuties were united by their mutual love of Lego.

(Image: Instagram)

The couple pictured during a night out together.

(Image: Instagram)

But sadly, as the couple, who are both based in Melbourne, do not live together, they are spending time apart for the foreseeable future, while they practice safe social distancing rules.

“The problem with not living together is you can’t isolate together… Missing @ktlynl_,” Miller wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago, alongside a cute couple photo of himself and Kaitlyn.

“Missing @ktlynl_,” Miller captioned this pic.

(Image: Instagram)

The Lego Masters stars posing while on holiday in Venice.

(Image: Instagram)

The pair have previously opened up about how they first fell in love on the set of the wholesome Channel Nine show.

They had a mutual attraction, but were completely unaware the other person felt the same way.

“I liked Kaitlyn from the start, but had no idea she felt the same,” Miller told TV WEEK in 2019.

“I was just playing it cool I guess.”

Miller and Kaitlyn even entered a Lego competition together.

(Image: Instagram)

While it took a while for the pair to realise they both liked one another, now they are inseparable.

(Image: Instagram)

Miller says it wasn’t until after filming that things really took off between the duo.

“We kept hanging out after Kaitlyn got eliminated [but] just as friends. Then [fellow contestant] Cade sent me a text saying, ‘Dude, she’s into you!'”

Kaitlyn explained she was scared to put her feelings out there out of fear it would “mess up” their relationship.

WATCH BELOW: See the grand finale creations from the 2019 season of Lego Masters. Story continues after video.

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But she is grateful Cade intervened, admitting she and Miller “clicked instantly.”

“I found he was always really fun to be around and we were always laughing and have a good time,” Kaitlyn said.

“We could always find something to talk about. I guess having the mutual love of LEGO and games, it was easy to hang out with him.”

Miller adds: “We got along well really quickly. She has a really good sense of humour and she’s obviously stunning!”

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