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Scott and Owen crowned the winners of LEGO Masters Australia 2023

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After a nail-biting finale, and an even more intense season, the winner of LEGO Masters Australia 2023 has been announced.

The winners are none other than fun-loving duo Scott and Owen!

Scott and Owen are the winners of 2023!

(Image: Nine)

The pair returned to the reality series as underdogs after coming in second on season three, but these two are finishing as winners with an extra $100,000 in their pocket.

The Lego build that secured their win was a mechanical robot trying to hold up a city, but there is something viewers may not know about this impressive build.

“The final build was kind of inspired by our audition build,” Scott confessed to TV Week. “We were thinking of doing it last season but said ‘nah, it wouldn’t be good enough’. But when we didn’t win our season, we thought ‘should have done that’.”

Inspired by Atlas, the Greek titan, Owen revealed they may not have had the skills to “pull it off” in season three.

“It’s just unreal.”

(Image: Nine)

The winning build!

(Image: Nine)

“Our journey through Grand Masters really helped us develop another set of skills that we didn’t have last time and that definitely allowed us to pull it off to a level that we both can be really proud of,” he said.

While holding up the winning trophy was a life-changing moment for Owen, the pair “never” believed they would leave the series winners. Aside from proving The Brickman wrong, they valued the experience and company more than anything.

Scott replied: “I wake up everyday winning because I’m still breathing. I’m happy and I’m grateful, this is just another added bonus I guess. I’m not trying to sound cocky, I’m just [grateful for the] incredible experience on the show.”

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“When we got the call to come back it was just an excuse to hang out with mates again in Sydney or Melbourne. But to come away with a win, it’s just unreal,” Owen revealed.

With the 2023 season officially at its end, Scott and Owen reveal what they plan to do with their winnings.

“I’m a fresh dad as of eight days now. Diapers are expensive…we’ve got health expenses. So family comes first,” Owen said.

Meanwhile, chaotic Scott is on the hunt for a Landcruiser!

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