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Fans overjoyed for LEGO Masters winners Henry and Cade

Congratulations are in order!
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Henry and Cade have been crowned the first-ever winners of LEGO Masters Australia.

The pair came out on top in a dramatic 28-hour final build, which saw them produce a diorama of Poseidon battling a sea serpent.

They beat out Jordan and Miller and David and G, walking away with the LEGO Masters trophy and $100,000 in prize-money.

Henry and Cade with their trophy (Image: Nine Network).

The feel-good reality TV show has proven to be a hit with viewers, smashing the ratings and scoring a dedicated fan-base. So it’s no surprise that many Aussies has been quick to congratulate the winners.

Host Hamish Blake’s wife Zoë Foster Blake even shared a congratulatory tweet for the boys.

“I loved Henry and Cade’s work from day Treehouse,” she wrote. “I love how kind and generous and creative and humble all the contestants were. (And the host.) I also love seeing dudes cry. This show has! It! All!”

“#LEGOMastersAU is nothing short of a national treasure,” wrote one viewer.

Meanwhile, others were praising Henry and Cade for their ‘positive’ relationship and ‘well-deserved’ win.

Now that the boys have been crowned champions, how do they plan to spend their prize money?

“I’m 100 per cent giving it my wife,” Henry reveals of his share in an interview with 9 Honey. “I was away for 10 weeks, so we’ve got three kids and she held down the fort so I’m giving it all to her. She can do whatever she wants with it. Nice holiday, whatever she wants.”

Meanwhile, Cade says he’s definitely going to be buying some LEGO, but ultimately doing the same.

“My wife was looking after a two-and-a-half year old and she’s pregnant, due in July,” he tells the publication. “So she has been an amazing support and she deserved something for it. Maybe a family holiday.”

You’ve earned it, Henry and Cade (Image: Nine Network)

Congratulations once again to Henry, Cade and their families on a well-deserved win.

LEGO Masters Australia will return for a second season after it’s recent success, stay tuned for more details.

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